Get our wedding guests on the big yellow bus! Or whatever else works.
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We're getting married in Saint Louis in May! We are interested in transportation to get our guests get to and from the reception safely. What are our options? Any recommendations?

We're getting married in late May! The reception will be in the Forest Park area. There should be about 3 hours between the end of the service and the beginning of the reception, so most people will have some downtime (and could get back to their hotels). The 2 hotels we are recommending for out of town guests are in the Delmar Loop and Central West End, so they are near to the reception but are definitely not within walking distance. We are interested in getting some kind of transportation from the hotels to the reception and back, but we need some help:

First, what kind of Transportation should we look into? We have 200 guests, and we’re thinking not all of them will use the transportation. So we’re thinking of renting a big yellow school bus, which carries a lot of people, is silly in a way that we like, and we’ve seen a yellow school bus go over well for another wedding. Are there other things besides the school bus we should consider? Most “party bus” rentals seem to be expensive and much smaller.

Second, we need recommendations for what companies to contact. So if anyone knows companies that provide this kind of transportation services in the Saint Louis area, we would appreciate your recommendations.

Third, if you have any other ideas that we should be thinking about regarding transporting our guests and the logistics around, we would be happy to hear them. Should we have the bus stop at one hotel early, and the other hotel on the way? Should we ask them to stop at one hotel early, go to the reception, then pick up another load at the second hotel? Other logistical considerations? What about the return trip - we’re planning one bus trip at the end of the reception. Anything else we should consider? Thanks!
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The St Louis Carriage Company rents trolleys. If the distance isn't too far, I imagine the trolley could take a load from one hotel, drop them off at the reception, then do the same at the other hotel, switching back and forth for an hour or two. Then they can do the same near the end and after the reception.

Most of the trolleys they have seat 30, some 25.
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I've only used them for a more ordinary limousine, but JED offers a couple of school buses, including one that seats 52 people. They also have more traditional motor coaches that seat a similar number. I don't know what the price would be like. You can get a free quote. I will say that I was kind of surprised at the expense for a short limousine ride.
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I'm an event planner in St. Louis and have worked with GEM Transportation for about 10 years. They're excellent to work with and have reasonable prices. Ask for Melony and tell her I referred you.

Buses are expensive however... no way around it. It would probably be better to use full size coaches (50-55 passenger capacity) rather than smaller "party buses". I haven't rented school buses but I assume they would be cheaper. One issue to consider is that drivers might be less professional than from a bus company.

(Email me via MeFi mail if you'd like help with planning these logistics. I do freelance work on the side and would be happy to discuss.)

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