Traffic Attorney in Arlington, VA?
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Good traffic attorney in Arlington, Va / Fairfax county?

My husband got a ticket for reckless driving over the holiday (54 in a 25 or something like that). We live in NC, so would prefer to hire a lawyer instead of coming back up here to appear in court. A search brings up an unmanageably high number of options. Any recommendations?
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Are you intending to contest the ticket or do you just need somebody to appear for you in court? Speaking as somebody who was ticketed for "reckless driving by speed" after a VA trooper clocked me doing 81 in a 55, it's my experience that at least in some counties, you can just pay the fine by mail and be done with it.
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I'm not sure if Andrew practices in Fairfax, but he can at least refer you to somebody who does.

Disclaimer: He is a personal friend. Thankfully, I've never actually needed his services.
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Seconding Holy Zarquon: if you're not contesting it, you can most likely pay by mail.

(Also, just for info's sake: Arlington, Fairfax County, and the City of Fairfax are all separate jurisdictions --- and if this is Rt. 236 ("Main Street") through the City of Fairfax we're talking about, you might as well go ahead and just pay up: they're not gonna drop it.)
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