Please help me find a drag and drop photo app for Ipad
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I am looking for a drag and drop photo app for the ipad. Something that will let me import to ipad via drag and dropping while allowing me view and share photos on my ipad without having to sync through Iphoto.
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You want:

It's great and easy to use. I use it to transfer videos between my iPhone and iPad. It also does photos.

You can also enable PhotoStream to easily share photos. This will be more automatic and free. With iOS 5, you can create separate PhotoStreams.

Although who are you trying to share these photos with and what kind of devices do they have? Perhaps I have your situation wrong.
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I would like to drag and drop image files into an app via itunes and then share by email or facebook.
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Will you take drag-and-drop in the Finder/Windows Explorer rather than drag-and-drop in iTunes? If so, you can certainly do this with Dropbox.
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Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit.
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Sorry, to clarify further. It sounds like you want to copy photos from your computer to the iPad?

If you can get the photos on the computer, why do you want to involve the iPad?
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