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Help me find the best-written most interesting blogs writing about Philadelphia.
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posted by ootsocsid at 5:05 AM on January 3, 2013 : a salty-mouthed blogger takes on Philly's architectural past and (mainly) dishes on the stupid proposals and plans that have brought us public debt, empty lots, and a lack of zeppelin parking. : views on proposals, development, and "hidden" areas of the city. : awesome photographs and stories from the City Archives.

The Historical Society of Pennsylvania has some great blogs, especially PhilaPlace.

Are you interested in a specific area or interest within Philly?
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The best blog covering the Philadelphia comedy scene is
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Eyes on the Street by PlanPhilly is pretty much my favorite Philadelphia development-oriented blog. The main Plan Philly is less bloggish and more like the best newspaper about Philadelphia development/urban planning around.

The inside baseball/real estate geek in me thrills to the surprisingly irreverent blog of the Planning Commission, called Philadelphia Planeto.
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I'm most interested personally in art and culture, but I didn't want to ask specifically for that because I'd like to start reading about my city in ways that I haven't before.
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It isn't a blog about Philadelphia necessarily, but Philly resident Charlie O'Hay (poet, author of Far From Luck) blogs at It Ain't All Pizzas & Cream, and tells some evocative slice of life stories about his life in the city. I don't live there, but I enjoy his anecdotes.
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Here's one of the Penn Museum's blogs: In the Artifacts Lab

(I volunteer/freelance work there, but nearly every museum in the city has their own blog and many of them are really great.) : Modern art focus; lots of links to galleries and other sites. Mostly-but-not-only Philly-centric.
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Young Philly Politics

Plan Philly

So many good ones. Of course, some big kids like Atrios and Billmon are local too. And there are specialized blogs around foodieness, beers, and whatever else -- check blogrolls or do some searches to find more. Philadelphia Playground Project is a current personal favorite, but then again, I have a kid in need of playgrounds! :))
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misspoke -- didn't mean Billmon but Booman. must be time to head home!!
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Nobody's mentioned loladelphia? Lets correct that.
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