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I'm looking for good inspirational fitness blogs!

Like many of you, I want to get healthier, and I've found that inspirational fitness blogs are great motivators. Which ones have you found that help get you moving?

I'm not looking for blogs that detail specific exercises, but ones in which people discuss their efforts to be more active/healthier. In the past I've really enjoyed Bitchcakes's, Jennette Fulda's and diet girl's blogs, but they post much less frequently, and much less about weight loss/exercise than they used to. Have you found any that are similar in tone, or that are maybe not similar, but are similarly awesome?
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I've been enjoying the thoughtful posts at Fit, Feminist and (Almost) Fifty. It's a joint effort by two multi-sport amateur athletes and (I think) professors by trade. Rather than just bland status updates on their personal progress, there's a lot of reflection on both accomplishments/failures and what are the most meaningful measurements of fitness.

The Angry Trainer is more advice oriented (as he's a fitness professional) but you may find the letters and responses interesting as there's a bit about different people's fitness journeys.

And, I also really like Fit and Feminist. There is some progress and reflection, some reflection on the fitness industry and fitness culture generally. The author recently started a series on women athletes Part 1 and Part 2 that I just absolutely loved reading. I hope to see another one of those posts soon, but I realize they're quite research-intense posts.

I hope more people answer, too. I really enjoy reading others' progress and reflection as athletes (although my personal tastes would steer away from blogs that are solely weight-loss with no athletic ambitions), so I'd love to add to my list.
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Response by poster: Thanks, Kurichina, those are definitely the sort of blogs I'm looking for. And yes, more please!
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If you are on, there are tons of members that have blogs on there.
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I love She lost a ton of weight a few years ago, and runs. She posts almost every day, and is very down to earth.
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I enjoy Healthy Tipping Point for this purpose, and liked her book of the same name even more. She posts about healthy cooking as well as running, swimming and general life stuff.
posted by milkweed at 6:32 PM on January 2, 2013 is still the most moving fitness blog EVER. Watch the transformation video. Guy is amazing (and cute, and sweet).
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone! Will check out all suggestions, and also post my own if I come across any more.
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I read Nerd Fitness. It's mostly motivational stuff. Not necessarily about one specific person, but often features interviews and testimonials from successful site visitors. Recent examples include this guy and this girl. There is also some general exercise/diet advice, although I don't think it's necessarily applicable to everyone.
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Response by poster: The Nerd Fitness site is exactly what I need. Thanks so much!
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