Sagrada Familia symbolism
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Is there a good resource for the symbolism in Gaudi's Sagrada Familia? I am especially curious as to what the skeletons mean, but I want to know what everything represents that he included in his plans.

Additionally, I haven't been there and am writing about it, so if you've been there and have any information that I might not find in basic research, please do share, either here or by PM.
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This does not address your question directly, but the man of twists and turns recently posted this FPP on the Church of La Sagrada Familia. Be sure to read through the comments as well.
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This link might get you started.

Also, I don't know which specific skeletons you speak of, but skulls and skeletons in churches usually are a symbol representing or contemplating "our" mortality. Sometimes known as Memento mori.
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Oh hi! Which skeletons?
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