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RealisticInVegas[!]Filter:How long does the Penn & Teller show in Vegas last? Is it feasible to catch the show and make it to the airport for a 12:50AM flight? (Any transportation tips appreciated.)

Planning a whirlwind weekend and packing it in on the front-end too: arriving LAS airport @ 7:05PM and planning to catch the 9:30PM "LOVE" @ the Mirage. Tell me I'm crazy, but it's Vegas--right?
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Need a bit more information please.

How much luggage will you have? Where will it be stored? You can't take a weekender into the showroom. Are you doing a taxi or cabs? Will you be returning a rental car?

The show starts at 9 and should be over by 10:30. It's at the Rio. Now, the hotel is only a few minutes away from the airport, but getting through McCarran can be kind of a nightmare. It's a vast airport and you will be doing lots and lots of walking! Lots and Lots!

One thing you need to account for is how long it will take you to empty out of the show room, schlep through the casino, find the front door and pour yourself into a cab.

You'll be surprised, these hotels are massive, the crowds are dense and they deliberately try to confuse you to keep you in the casino area.

So buffer in about 30 minutes to get from your seat to a vehicle. That's if you're nimble.

Given that, I like your odds for Penn and Teller.

If you want to expedite as much as possible, take your luggage to the airport and check in before the show. Get boarding passes, etc. Then all you have to do on the return is go through screening and get to your gate.

God love you son, I wouldn't do it.
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Ah, I should have mentioned: no luggage--really (I'll spare you the details). And we'll be relying on cabs all the while. I figure if we grip & grin with P&T afterwards, we should still be at the airport between 11:45-12, right? I'm guessing cabs are easy to come by at that hour, maybe a $20 ride?
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You have an advantage being at the Rio b/c then you don't have to deal with strip traffic (except to maybe cross it) to get from there to the airport.

I think that the big wildcard here is going to be the Security line at the airport. I've been through that thing 4 or 5 different times and every time save once it's been at least 45 minutes.

I would go for it, but I wouldn't stick around after the show. I'd hightail it out of the show and arrange with the hotel concierge to have a driver waiting so you're not fighting other patrons for cabs.
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I'd agree that arranging for different transit might be a good thing since a good portion of your fellow P&T goers will likely be relying on cabs to get to their next destination.
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As mmascolino says, there's a huge line for the taxis after the show. If I recall correctly, I waited about 20 minutes for a taxi.
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Also depends on the weekend. If you are talking about THIS coming weekend, you're gonna be in the midst of CES2013 arrivals on Sat and Sunday, which has to be one of the busiest times for LAS of the whole year, and that's saying something. Something like 140K people will be in town for CES, and they all come in through LAS. Keep that in mind.
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