MORE LIKE Lucille Lortel, please
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Dear NYC-Hive: Visiting in Feb and would like to find listings of theatres whose offerings are like Lucille Lortel Theater in the Village. Would prefer Manhattan locations (over other boroughs). They just did "Volpone" and are doing "She Stoops to Conquer" soon. But they also do new works as well. What are similar theaters? And bonus points if you can give me a link to calendar/listings.
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Classic Stage?
There are a bunch of classics listed for this season; I saw great new David Ives and Anne Carson plays there too.
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My theatre buff coworker (it's a slow day at the office) recommends:

Playwrights Horizon on W 42nd Street
Cherry Lane Theatre
The Abingdon Theatre
Manhattan Theatre Company

Second Stage on W 43rd Street for future trips, but they are between productions.
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I second the list above by Icaicaer, but would urge you to check out the smaller Manhattan theaters for more adventurous fare. (I've been disappointed by Playwrights Horizons and MTC of late.) The Pearl would be a great place to start, as would the LTC3. For a directory of indie theater, try nytheatre.

(NB: The Lucille Lortel is a rental house - i.e. the theater company putting on the show is MCC. Red Bull also produces at the Lortel; it's their reading of She Stoops... that you refer to.)
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Storm Theater

(Disclosure: I have a passing acquaintance with 2 of the board members, but don't know any of the talent.)
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Soho Playhouse
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