How to retrieve SSID when not in range
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I need to retrieve the SSID of a wifi network that is not in range from either an iPhone or an old hard drive.

I need to configure a new device to connect to this network when the person I give it to returns there. I previously connected to this network from an iPhone 4 that is running iOS 5, but I can't figure out how I can retrieve it without being in range of the network. I'm willing to jailbreak it if I absolutely have to.

I also have a hard drive that was the OS drive for a Windows 7 laptop that has also connected to this network. I don't have the machine itself, but can hook the drive up to my new machine and browse the content if the SSID is stored somewhere on there.
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Windows likely stores that in the registry someplace - here's a thread covering it for Windows8, which might put you on the right track. If you are using a live Linux CD to mount the old HD, it looks like you can use this widget to peruse the registry.
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And here is a similar method for finding old SSIDs in WindowsXP.
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Best answer: If you jailbreak your iPhone, from Cydia you can download WiFiPass (you'll need to add the BigBoss repository). This app displays all of the SSIDs and passwords for the networks you have previously connected to on your device.
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Response by poster: Jailbreaking and WiFiPass worked great. Thanks. Couldn't figure out how to get it off the hard drive.
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