Can Twelfth Night be twerrific?
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What are some fun, delicious, or delightful things my husband and I could do that would make great Twelfth Night traditions?

I love fabulously festive Christmas to-do. However, my job is incredibly stressful during the holiday season, so I never get to put up my tree and get in the spirit until December 23rd at the earliest. As a result, I like to keep the holiday going at my house through Twelfth Night, and I feel like having an Official Tradition would make it even more fun.

Other than giving gifts or having a party, what could we do/make/eat to make our Twelfth Night special?
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I assume you'll be singing The Twelve Days of Christmas. :)

You can always have wassail/lamb's wool and a Twelfth Night cake.

The playing of games was also popular on Twelfth Night, so you might bust out the card and board games.
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I try to read (or at least start) Twelfth Night. Knock back what's left of the fruitcake with some wassail or mulled wine, and start counting down the days to pancakes on Shrove Tuesday.
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Have an open house party that evening. I'm so in favor of doing something special. Today's version of Christmas seems to tear all the decorations down right away as if it weren't a 12-day feast - and that's a pity. An Open House can be super simple and low-key, a nice way for people to wind down from the holiday. Put some hot cider on the stove, make a punch or just get some beer and wine, and have a few inexpensive noshes, and tell people to stop by between 6 and 9 or whatever.
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Perpetuate the Lord of Misrule traditions and have a "Come As You're Not" party.
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Eat things that traditionally come in dozens, such as eggs or donuts.
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