To suit or not to suit?
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What to wear to a non-librarian library interview?

I've done a little searching and found similar questions, but this is a slightly different situation. I have a job interview tomorrow morning for an admin asst.-type position at the nonprofit foundation that supports the local city library system. It's an office job and doesn't really involve anything "on the floor." My favorite suit doesn't quite fit right now (cue new year's resolution), and I wondered if it might be more appropriate anyway to wear tailored pants, a nice shirt, and a jacket/blazer. (Note: I'm a 30-something woman, and I'm also trying to not appear overqualified.)
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That sounds formal enough for an interview, yet not so formal that you're trying too hard. Just right!
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I don't work at a library, and haven't been inside one for a while, during normal working hours, so I don't know how admin library staff dress, but from what you described, I think your selection is pretty good.

I would think it's better to be a bit over-dressed than under-dressed, as long as you're not too over-dressed (i.e. you look like you're going to a wedding or to a nightclub).

Good luck with the interview!
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I work at an academic library (so a slightly different setting, but close) and your non-suit outfit sounds totally appropriate. I'd say the the level of dressy expected would be highest for top level administrators (usually librarians), then librarians, then staff (which sounds like the group your job would fall in). But as long as you look put together, a suit wouldnt be required. At least at my institution.
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I haven't worn a suit to an interview in years and years. (I've worked in software/paralegal type jobs in business-casual environments during that time.) I think you'll be fine with your current choices.
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Your non-suit outfit sounds perfect. It's much better to wear clothes that fit you well than to wear an awkward-fitting suit. Good luck!
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our most recent admin hire wore a very nice skirt, shirt, and a silk cardigan to her interview. she was extremely well-qualified, but as librarians we joked that the cardigan was the deal-sealer. your outfit sounds perfect.
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As a paraprofessional in an academic library, your outfit sounds perfect. (I wore a dress, heels, and a cardigan to my interview, and fit right in.) Good luck!
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I work as a paraprofessional at a city library, and can echo everyone saying that your plan looks good.

Good luck!
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Thanks to everyone!
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Yep, that outfit sounds perfect!
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Well, the interview went great, and the outfit seemed just fine. The interviewers were both in business casual, so I fit right in. Thanks again!
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Second interview on Monday, yay!
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Excellent, good luck!
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Thanks! Went great, and they said they'll decide this week!
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