Sure this product exists, but what is it called?
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I've got a modern coffee table which consists of a metal base with a large rectangular piece of glass resting on top of it. It works OK and is stable and level etc. (the glass is actually a little larger than needed--it originally went with a different piece) but I worry when guests are over and don't know to be careful with it. Especially children. Essentially, I want to place something (some type of non-slip material, something similar to a foam adhesive or caulk-like substance?) between the metal and the glass to keep it from sliding if someone pushes the glass with their feet. Don't need it permanently affixed, just something to help keep things in place. What do I search for on general shopping sites like Amazon, or elsewhere?
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I don't know if this would work with your table, but my glass-topped table has strategically positioned suction cups that hold the glass from below. They do a great job and don't look bad.
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You want bumpons!
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When I had a glass coffee table (before dropping it in a move - don't do that), it came with rubber bumper pads kind of like the round ones listed on this 3M page. Ours were white, but it looks like they come in clear, too. They did slide around a bit if you leaned hard against the table, but for day-to-day use they worked quite well.
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Weather stripping foam tape. Comes in grey, black, or white in various widths.
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I've got what sounds like a very similar table, and I use clear bumpons as per specialagentwebb and DingoMutt. You should be able to find a pack of 4 or 6 or so at hardware stores or even your local drugstore (probably in whatever aisle they have assorted home accessories like cheap extension cords and felt pads for furniture feet and such.)

Seconding, though, that while they provide another level of slip-resistance, it's still possible to shove the top off the frame. Maybe you could do something with double-sided clear tape?

If not, hopefully your adult guests are aware enough to recognize that glass-topped coffee tables are not good for resting their feet, and depending on the age or rambunctiousness of your non-adult guests, you'll just have to let parents know that your place is not super child-safe.
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Perhaps get a small roll of non-slip rug pad material and cut pieces to fit the spot where the table sits on the metal?
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If the Bumpons don't do it for you, clear silicone adhesive or caulk is the next step.
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Earthquake Gel

which I misremembered as "Earthquake Glue"... I blame Robert Pollard.
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the rounded bumpons dont work as well (being hemispherical) as the flat ones...every glass-topped table I've seen has used ones that look like flat discs of clear rubber...usually about 3/4 inch diameter and a few mm thick...
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I'd go with clear silicone. If the area is visible through the glass then foam tape is likely to look bad. If you put the right amount of silicone on, the pressure from the glass will cause it to spread out evenly over the contact area. Once it's cured you can trim up any excess with an X-Acto knife or a razor blade.

Separating the glass from the base is easy if you ever need to move is. Just get a guitar E string (the high-pitched E, not the bass E) and use it a la dental floss to slice through the silicone. You can remove the residue from the glass with a razor blade.
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cork board works, don't have to glue it down. can cut it to the size ya want, it will have a pretty good nonslip grip on both the metal and glass.
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