Tech book store in NYC?
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Where can I find a good computer/technical bookstore in Manhattan?

Yes, I've googled. Bully for you if you can do it better than me. However, personal I've-been-there recs would really be best.
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What exactly are you looking for? The various Barnes & Noble locations in New York are enormous and well-stocked (and they have free same-day delivery from the website). Do you need older or out-of-print books? Shops with technically-knowledgeable staff who can recommend books/chit-chat about nerdy things?
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Response by poster: bcwinters: I am looking for a bookstore that specializes in computer or technical books. The 'various Barnes & Noble locatiions in New York' are exactly the reason I'm asking the question to begin with. I am looking for bookstores that have current technical books, but A WHOLE SHITLOAD MORE OF THEM than Barnes & Noble.
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I'm not a New Yorker, but in general, college bookstores can have wide selections of tech books. Also, if your local branch of B&N isn't satisfying you, the selection online may be better, and many titles have same day delivery in Manhattan.
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I only brought it up because so many of my friends never knew you could get same-day delivery in Manhattan from B&N; I know there are certainly ideological reasons not to shop there (and I've spent more than my fair share of time in used and specialty bookstores in NYC myself) but if it's simply breadth-of-catalog that you need when there's a specific & complicated topic that you need a book for, B&N is pretty damn good.

So excuse me for wasting your time.
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Response by poster: The specific book that I want (this time) is not available for same-day delivery from B&N. If I wanted to order it online, the price on Amazon is over $20 cheaper. But setting that aside, I like to physically go to bookstores and physically handle the books that I might buy, and then physically walk out of the store with the book that I have bought, less than thirty seconds after I have bought it.
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Computer Book Works is legendary downtown. I haven't been there in a year but I'd be shocked if it is not still there.

Knowledgable geeks, good sale prices.

IIRC it is on Reade St. two blocks west of the original Duane Reade, but you may want to check that out before you trek down there.
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Response by poster: Thanks, xetere. That's just the kind of store I was looking for...although I called them and in this particular case they don't have the book I want. But I will definitely be dropping by at some point in the future.
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The B&N on 18th and 5th specializes in textbooks. They have a LOT of other stuff the others don't.
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