Curly haircut suggestions please!
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I need a new curly haircut. Hope me!

I last asked this question in 2006. I am really bored of my haircut.

Here's what my hair looks like now (the last year or so): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. (Because I've moved, this features haircuts by 3 different curly specialists.)

But I'm just so bored with it! I've had a variation on this haircut for a decade now.

I have a new curly hair cut specialist in my new city. My first cut with her was more a getting-to-know-you cut, but my next cut next week, I want to make a bold move.

I roughly follow good curly hair practices (although I do shampoo). I'm fairly lazy - I don't like to spend too much time on my hair.

Out of my boredom I've been straightening it once a week. Never in my life have I done this, but I am THAT BORED.

I did a Pinterest board of interesting curly hair cuts, but I'd love to hear from MeFites about cuts that they find interesting for me.
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Some top-of-head pix.
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I feel like a lot of the Pinterest board pics won't work with your hair unless you do some relaxing or straighten and recurl, which you definitely don't seem interested in, so can you say more about what you like about those? I have hair much like yours which is why I'm saying those don't look like they'll work. They wouldn't work on mine without manipulation, since those curls are bigger.

I think a graduated bob where it's longer in the front, shorter in back would look great with your face. I can't find a proper pic of one though, they're either on straight hair or the curl texture is wrong.
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First of all, I'd kill to have your curls. I know that doesn't help when you are tired of them though. I can't find a proper picture, but have you thought about growing it a bit longer so that you could pin it up? I love a curly updo, especially with shorter curly pieces around the face. The other change I thought of is coloring it, although that adds time and money in upkeep that you might not be interested in.
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Yeah, my curls are tighter than a lot of the photos, but I *like* that looser look.
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I think you'd look great with a Keri Russell chopoff, circa Felicity - like this or this or this. It would be a big cut, but I think it'd work well with your face and bone structure - and the short hair look is in!
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I like your hair! In some of your pics it looks like you have some shorter bangs, which I think looks great on you. Check out Amy Irving's do; her hair has those nice easy curly bangs.

(I think pixie cuts are cute, but think about the growing out period. It's bad enough for people with straight hair, but you'd basically have an unavoidable afro for a period of time.)
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Oh man, beautiful curls and color! I think the Meg Ryan hair from your pinterest board would look great. I think the issue is that your hair isn't layered enough so it looks a little heavy on the bottom and flat on top. Layer it and it will look great.
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I *like* that looser look.

I do, too, but that's what's so frustrating about super curly hair, it basically doesn't do looser without heat or chemical manipulation. I think some of those cuts would still work, but you have to be a bit careful with the bangs - just keep them long and I think that would look pretty cool.
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Are you opposed to something super-short?

Something approaching an undercut (shaved would probably be a bit extreme) might be really cool. Shorter/sleeker on the sides, full on top. It would remove a lot of the side bulk and give you plenty to play with and style. I think short styles look really awesome with curly hair.

For example, I believe this chick has something like that going on. If you ask your stylist what s/he'd suggest as far as undercuts go, you should get a better idea of what might work for your head.

(I don't have curly hair, but I have really, really thick straight hair, and finally moving to an undercut style figured out the problem I always seemed to have--the sides would be too bulky, and within a couple weeks of a fresh cut, everything would revert to the same boring helmet-head. Not any more!)
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My hair is a lot like that. I find that every time I cut it, I get annoyed for months at the "growing out stage," so I'm in the process of getting it to go beyond my shoulders again.
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My hair is a bit less curly than yours and I find the curls get more relaxed if I let it grow past my shoulders. I sort of have your haircut grown out a foot. (Longer layers.) I can't really give you tips for the salon because I've taken to cutting my own hair. I watched a YouTube video, so I totally know what I'm doing.

Anyway, the best way to change the texture of my hair is to go to sleep with it very wet. I sort of stick my hair straight up on the pillow so the underside is touching the pillow. Somehow I wake up with ringlets that are looser like your pinterest pictures. It makes my hair feel soft instead of like a Brillo pad. Sometimes diffusing it has the same effect, sometimes it doesn't work.
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Have you thought about going longer instead of shorter? It seems like that would be the way to alleviate boredom - there are so many cool hair accessories out there. And a ton of youtube videos about ways to style long hair. Plus, if the bulk of it was pinned up in some sort of updo, then you could be as crazy and creative as you want with the pieces hanging down by your face. Curling those into wider, looser curls seems a lot less work than doing the whole head of hair.
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Nthing growing it. I recently did this so I could look like Helena Bonham Carter in A Room With A View -- and by "recently" I mean it's been growing for 2.5 years, because curly hair takes so dang long to grow to the length you want. It was unbearably awkward for a while (grown out from a pixie), but once you get your hair to about shoulder length it's infinitely more style-able. No need to go HBK-length, but you might appreciate the extra weight loosening your curls. There are some really great 1940s-inspired hairdos you can try with parts pinned up.
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Oooh, you've got a great cut and color! But I totally get being bored. Curly hair doesn't lend itself to much variety without a fair amount of intervention.

* Yes, try growing it out. Mine is almost as curly as yours and I've had it down to my shoulder blades for years. The weight will stretch out the curls a bit, plus you always have the updo as an option if it's just a horrible hair day.

* Maybe try a side part? With minimal bangs (as in the Amy Irving example)?

* You can loosen up your curls thusly: Starting with just-damp hair, section it off into six or eight chunks. Twist each chunk into a spiral. Then you can either dry with a diffuser or let it air dry, if you're not going to be seeing anyone you're likely to amuse/startle. I often sleep on them, or just keep them out of my way, by coiling up the spirals, cinnamon-roll style, and clipping them. When your hair's dry, untwist the spirals. You won't have the dreaded Shirley Temple sausages, just lovely loose curls.
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I have curly hair, maybe not as tight as yours but I find that to get the looser curl look I need to grow it longer past my shoulders. It also gives me a lot larger choice of looks. You can pull it up or back, slightly longer hair would give you more to play with so you wouldn't get so bored. I am thinking similar to this or slightly longer, with or without bangs.
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I have very similar hair with tight curls. I totally totally get where you're coming from with just wanting to do something different after a while.

For the past couple of years I've been experimenting with haircuts that are a little more asymmetrical or shorter that require a bit of straightening. I find that when my hair is cut relatively short it is only about ten minutes in the morning to straighten it out. I usually end up washing it every three days or so, so really I only straighten a few times a week and like how it starts to finger-wave out as it re-curlifies.

Here's a couple of images I've used for inspiration for my stylist:

Hipster-y asymmetrical and short

Straight and asymmetrical
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