Climactic Flood Destroys Plantation in Bravo Movie
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Man inherits plantation discovers half brother and wins appliances. Maybe you saw this movie on Bravo in 1994 as well?

I have been thinking of this movie for years. I can't really even remember if it was a great cinematic creation or just a floozy late night film. I can say for certain that it would have been on Bravo 1993 - 1995. I was a Bravo-aholic. In my mind this movie would stem from the 60s or 70s.
Plot: White guy inherits his family plantation. Black half brother comes to claim land as well. There is much back and forth of how they dislike each other. White guy some how meets a cheeky girl who needs him to win some appliances on a game show?? I believe she moves into said plantation. In the end everything is flooded and they are on the roof in a massive storm.
Please help me discover this movie again as it has been on my mind for nearly 20 years. It had better be good!
Thanks everyone and happy new year!
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I remember seeing this movie, too. Pretty sure it's Last of the Mobile Hotshots.
posted by tully_monster at 12:07 PM on January 1, 2013

And the reviews I'm seeing now suggest that despite it being based on Tennessee Williams and written by Gore Vidal, it was indeed, sadly, just a floozy late night film.
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That is definitely it! Unfortunately not on Netflix. But what is these days? Thank you so much tully!
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