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Financial modeling for product managers

I am looking for a book that explains/teaches product managers the financial modeling (calculations) they would need on the job.

The basic idea is to figure out how product managers use finance in their jobs. Would prefer the book to be more tactical, hands on rather than subjective or abstract. Something with templates/exercise, real life examples.

Thank you
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The most oft-used financial tools would be calculating profit and loss, cost/revenue forecasting for innovation if necessary and analysis of competition.
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Higgins Analysis for Financial Management is quite good at getting the point across and miight be a useful supplement for a more traditional text. Here is the current edition but I would buy the old edition at a discount.
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I wish I'd ever been able to find this book -- I had the most luck by working with patient people who were happy to work through endless Excel workbooks with me the year we had to forecast out own product lines.
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