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We're throwing a Three Kings party. What are some regal foods?

We'll have 15-20 adults and kids (most kids in the under-5 set) over this Sunday. One or two vegetarians, one kid with a dairy allergy. What are some good finger foods on a "3 Kings" theme?

We can do King Crab legs. I've never had Chicken ala King but I know it's a thing. I'll get Chessman cookies. What else?

And of course we'll have the King of Beers.
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Roasted Beets (Purple!!) cut up to finger food sizes... Easy to do, a little olive oil and salt....serve with toothpicks... Roasted Cauliflower is also amazing....slather (southern term) with butter for the last 15 minutes....not purple but delicious!!
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Rosca de Reyes, naturally.
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Well, Budweiser is the King of Beers. Supposedly.
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Galette des rois
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Dang it! I missed that it's already on the menu. Carry on.
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King cake! It's Mardi Gras food in the United States, but it makes a lot more sense for Epiphany, now that I think about it (plastic baby Jesus inside).
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Golden french fries, Franks, and...well, I ran out of steam for myrrh, but you get the idea.
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Mirto digestif!
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King Dons.
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Gold-wrapped chocolate coins?

If they don't all get eaten, you can save the rest for the next Pirate Party.
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Kind of a stretch, but something with royal icing?

I would associate saffron something with royalty... Or other expensive foods, maybe. Exotic fruits.
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Also, king cake + galette des rois + rosca de reyes = versions of the same thing, FYI. It's yummy, though, and a definite must if you are unfamiliar with it. Make sure to get the obligatory plastic baby Jesus for it.
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King's Hawaiian Sweet Bread! It's available in most supermarkets I think, and the web site has lots of recipes if you don't just want to serve plain rolls.
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Kir Royale
Something with royal icing (like decorative flowers--royal icing is actually pretty gross to eat)
That's all I got. Except--you're going to wear corduroy, right?
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RC Cola, if you can find it! And any snacks made by Wise men, such as these. (Also, maybe Shepherd's Pie?)

And if you need to stretch the theme even further, how about some Frank(incense)s & Beans? With (Yukon) Gold fries? And for dessert, some Myrrh-engues? or Wee Cheese Rings plus Orient Ar(tichokes)?

Or you could do something for the kids made out of The Jifs of the Magi... or Bethleham biscuits... or maybe some tofu dish you can call "Tidings of Great Soy"... or a Star with Royal Fruity Bites...
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Crown roast rack of lamb or pork.
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Coronation chicken. It's basically British chicken salad: cooked chicken cubes, mayo, and curry powder. You can make finger sandwiches with it (the chutney in her recipe is not traditional), or you can put it on cracker rounds or sliced french bread.

For the last two options you put a tiny sprig of coriander on the top to garnish each round. You can get fancy and add sultanas/raisins and all manner of shite but when it was invented for EII's coronation, Britain was just at the very end of rationing and cooking was still quite straight-forward.
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Maybe I'm misunderstanding the question, but the only thing I remember anyone eating or drinking in that film is motor oil. That sounds like a horrible idea.

If you don't mean the film, what is a "3 kings" party?
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Radiophonic, the Three Kings are the biblical magi or wise men who came to Jesus after his birth.

No food ideas to contribute, but I hope you have lots of silly gold plates and cutlery for the royal effect. :)
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Get some edible gold leaf. You can use it to garnish something else you are making, or do something like jello shots with gold in them.
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For some reason, I think of chicken and waffles as being royal fare, but I might be a little off on my medieval history.
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Instead of the King of Beers, you could also drink Corona, spanish for Crown (and also referring to the region immediately around the sun)
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A crown shaped cookie cutter will make any cake, cookie, sandwich, burger or whatever regal enough. If you have a lot of kids under five it'll get the message across for them with ease.
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I will pass along a joke that came in a Christmas popper this year:

How does King Wenceslaus like his pizza? Deep pan, crisp and even.

So that's what I recommend. Deep pan pizza.

Also, Party City has plates and napkins, etc, for the LA Kings hockey team. It's all purple and some of it just has the crown emblem on it.
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