Can you hear me? No?!
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All of a sudden, 1 in 30 of my customers are complaining that my videos have no sound.

I have been at this for 15 years, never had a complaint about sound.

Starting about 3-4 weeks ago, I started getting emails complaining that my videos have no sound. But not just the ones I've produced in that time, videos going back years, and not all of them.

I have not changed my workflow/software in about 2 years. I use Adobe Premiere CS5.

I can hear the videos fine. The same files can be heard by my circle of friends/acquaintances just fine. Most random customers I contact can hear them fine. But the frequency of complaints to downloads is about 1 in 30.

When I ask them what they are watching them in, I get a combination of WMP, or Media Player classic.

Was there some kind of Windows update or something that would effect the way a few people hear videos? I cant diagnose it from my end because I and everyone I know aren't having the problem.


Thanks, gang!
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What audio codec(s) are you using for exported videos?
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Also, can you point us to a sample video that people are having trouble with?
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This reminded me of an old question I helped out on. Could it be an audio phase issue?
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Download MediaInfo and look at the file. Probably your problem is that you're using a relatively obscure audio codec, and the people complaining don't have it.

Two solutions for them: CCCP, and Shark007.
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If you can't get Premiere to output video that works, you might try transcoding it after the fact using something like ffmpeg (basically the swiss army knife of video tools), which will let you take practically any input video file and produce an alternately-encoded output (n.b., this may result in some quality issues, especially if you don't carefully adjust the options provided to ffmpeg).
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It appears from your site that your videos are in WMV format, is that correct? Some sleuthing suggests they use WMA 2 as an audio codec, but it would also be useful if you could confirm that. I can't find any recent issues relating to that codec, so some further investigation might be useful.

It would be very useful if you could persuade one of the customers with a problem to see if VLC can play the problematic videos. It would also be useful to find out if they all share a common operating system, sound card etc. Also, is it only your videos that have this problem for them? Do they get any error message or just no sound?
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