Any good free online workout videos out there?
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Free online workout videos?

I am an exercise dvd junkie, and I'm trying to kick the habit of buying so many. Any free online workout videos/trainers you'd recommend for an intermediate-advanced exerciser?

I'm up for anything!
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The Buff Dudes are funny, self-aware and offer lots of easy-to-understand and follow tips for weight training.

Also, not free, but if you have a Netflix Watch Instantly subscription, that service features a lot of exercise videos streaming.
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I've been loving Blogilates; she has a ton of great YouTube videos.
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I've heard good things about Bodyrock.
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If you like yoga, I've recently found Do Yoga With Me and there's a great variety there.
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I've done yoga by following along with YouTube videos. I personally like Yogatic and Tara Stiles.
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Zuzka Light has a YouTube channel. It's intense!
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BodyRock has gotten really weird and porny, and their exercises aren't as good as they used to be.

Zuzka Light is BR's former host, who now has her own site. She is amazing and her workouts are tough and effective. Her presentation is pretty sexualized too, but don't let that scare you off.
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Sadly, Netflix dropped all its exercise/workout DVDs from Watch Instantly this summer -- there's a long thead about it here. Not clear when/if they'll be back.
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Seconding Blogilates/Cassie Ho's YouTube channel; I also like TiffanyRotheWorkouts on YouTube.
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