Kenwood, if it could, but can't. Need schematic.
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USB malfunction on Kenwood KDC-x595 faceplate... google fu failure attempting to locate schematics... any mefites wanna try?

Bought a Kenwood car radio last year and it died a month after the warranty expired... well, not dead, but the iPad/USB connector is dead. I'm of a mind to repair it, and from my limited troubleshoot, have determined there is no +5 volts coming from the USB connector on the faceplate. That would be a show stopper. Ideally, I'd know if there were a transistor switch that controlled that, or perhaps a fuse or fold back circuit for current limiting. Paper would be awfully handy, but my attempts to locate schematics lead me to believe I'll have to make my own, dang it. If I can't fix this in an hour or two of piddling, I'll replace it, but damned if I'll replace it with a Kenwood. (Not impressed with the radio, generally.)

Anyone have better sources than me for locating a service document for the faceplate on this mediocre klunker?
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Have you considered contacting a dealer?
It's possible they may be able to repair it in house, or send it out.

If you decide to replace it, I strongly recommend Alpine.
I've been using their CD players in various cars for 15+ years with no issues.
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Have you tried resoldering the connector to whatever it is soldered to?
In my experience broken solder joints is a common failure mode for connectors on modern stuff.
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@thug.... I visually inspected the solder joints under a stereo microscope. I agree. Connections are the weak point generally. This one has the hallmarks of a design error. (The manual states that hot plugging the USB can damage both the device and the radio. This is not how most USB stuff works, as you know. Screams "design error" to me.)

still.... i am realllllly surprised I can't find a schematic anywhere. I guess these are just too cheap a box to warrant anyone bothering to fix them.

somewhere, there's a kenwood tech waiting to read this post, though... i just know it. someone has to work on these things.
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Did you check for continuity between the USB connector pins and the trace on the surface of the board?
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never did locate a schematic but the warranty turned out to be 2 years, and the vendor (crutchfield) offered to just replace it straight out.

still looking for a source for schematics for these radios....
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