Software for Process Music?
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I'm interested in trying to compose or play with pattern-based mathematical music that evolves, i.e. like that of Steve Reich...any good accessible software available for Mac, iPad, or web-based? Thanks!
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You might try Musix Pro on your iPad (I don't have an iPad, but it looks really cool). Isomorphic keyboards open up lots of possibilities. Your music isn't going to evolve on its own though.
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I've collected some interesting writing and diagrams from Bill Wesley (inventor of the Array Mbira) that involve patterns in music. MeMail me if you're interested.
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Maybe something like chuck or IBNIZ would be the sort of thing you're looking for?
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I like Nodal.
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You can do some nifty tricks with renoise, which is an evolved tracker that supports VST and more importantly can be scripted with Lua. Mac/win/linux, free demo available. It's all about patterns...
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There are tons and tons of free tools to do just this.

Quite likely the best solution for pattern-based music is SuperCollider, a list-oriented language that has all sorts of neat built-ins for doing pattern-based stuff. Yes, you have to "write programs" to make sound, but there are numerous examples, it isn't too hard, and there's a very active and helpful user community.
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