HyperCard reference manual?
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I just got a friend's ancient Mac with a copy of HyperCard 2.4 on it, and I've gone through the tutorial but I can't figure out how to actually make stacks and write scripts. Anyone know where I can find the HyperCard reference manual or a good tutorial? (I'd prefer the manual.)
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Apple’s manuals covered the basics, but may be hard to find. Ideally you’d find an inexpensive used copy of Danny Goodman’s Complete HyperCard 2.0 [or 2.2] Handbook.
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try this this blog post which might help; he walks through the process of making a small calculator in HyperCard (with screen shots of the process). The Wikipedia page for Hypercard has a link to a PDF Hypercard manual from Apple.
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HyperCard or HyperCard Player?
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This Ars Technica article is a useful source of information about Hypercard - the author includes a list of some of the more important stacks that people in the industry were producing at the time - there are also links to interviews with some of the major players. I would second getting hold of a copy of the second edition of Danny Goodman's book if you can.
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What you want to do (assuming it is real HyperCard and not the player) is google HyperTalk, the language itself. Here is one overview.
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Seconding one of Danny Goodman's HyperCard books. He worked closely with the team from early on, so they are in-practice the proper manuals. The printed stuff than Apple provided was very thin.
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