Gotta be safe and avoid those bedbugs!
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Hello, Mefites- Is Hostelling International- New York (UWS) a safe, bedbug-free place to stay for a solo woman in her 20s?

Hey Mefites, I am planning a trip to the Big Apple next month, solo, and I am on a budget, with ideally less than $100/night going to hotels. I was considering staying at Hostelling International in the Upper West Side, right by 104th st and Amsterdam Ave, in a shared room. I am unfamiliar with NYC and have never been to NYC alone, but I wanted to save money, and I come to the hive to see if this is a safe option. Is this a safe part of the city? If anyone has ever been, were there any bedbugs or other concerns? I think that bedbugs and safety are my main concerns, as I will be there for a week. Any insight or alternate suggestions are most appreciated. Thanks so much!
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Best answer: Yes, you should be fine. I've never stayed there, but it's a perfectly safe neighborhood and I've had good experiences with HI properties in general. If it's anything like the other HIs I've stayed in, it will mostly be international backpackers around your own age. The atmosphere tends to be pretty social, and you may meet people to wander around with.

As for bedbugs, it's a total crapshoot. Some of the nicest hotels in the city have had bedbug infestations. You can't really visit here and avoid them totally, especially since they've been spotted all over the city, from the subway system to movie theaters to clothing stores.

You may want to check and see if there is a minimum or maximum number of nights you can stay.
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Best answer: Absolutely! I have stayed there 4 times. I'm not sure if you have ever stayed in a hostel, but HI is a very reputable chain.

This location is in Morningside Heights, about a 20-minute subway ride to Times Square. It is really safe. This area is where Columbia University is at.

Private message me if you would like more details or have any questions.
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Best answer: That is an excessively safe part of the city, your biggest danger is being run over by two ton baby strollers.
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Best answer: A useful site for checking to see if a particular hotel/motel has a bedbug problem can be found here
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Best answer: I've stayed there before (multiple times) and it's perfectly nice! Very easy subway access, too.

As for the bedbugs, check that site above but they do a good job on housekeeping in general so barring any new developments (and as mentioned above, all kinds of hotels have had bedbug problems), I think you'll be fine.
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Best answer: You can check the Bed Bug Registry (not the same site as the previous link). Looks like there was 1 report, last year.
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Response by poster: Thanks so much, dear New Yorker Mefites! Although there was that one report, it is helpful to have that tool and I feel much more confident now. Can't wait to meet your city! Take care!
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Response by poster: I just wanted to add, do you think I should still go although there was that one report last year, at the Bed Bug Registry John Cohen mentioned? I'm thinking that since there haven't been any other reports it was a one-off, but I suppose there's no way of knowing, basically, right? Thanks again!
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Best answer: I used to live a few blocks from there. One of the safest neighborhoods in Manhattan.
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Best answer: If you're looking for any other options, my GF went to NYC last month with a friend and they stayed in shared rooms at the q4 hostel in the Long Island City neighbourhood. She had nothing but great things to say! Link!
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Best answer: Anywhere you look is going to have at least one bedbug report. It was an epidemic of sorts a few years back. I wouldn't at all worry about just the one.
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Best answer: I just stayed there Thursday night after going to a MetaFilter meetup!

It's safe and well maintained, so I wouldn't be worried about bed bugs. The staff is also friendly and helpful. Let me know if you have any specific questions.
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Best answer: Don't worry about the bedbug report. First off, you have no way of knowing whether the person making that report knew what he was talking about or was telling thr truth. Second, if they really had a bedbug problem, you can rest assured there would be far more than one report. Finally, even if they had had a bedbug problem, a place with the reputation and profile of this hostel would surely have acted aggressively to deal with it.

I live around the corner. Memail if you want any transportation or other advice.
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Best answer: I stayed there a year or so ago. It's a really great hostel with lots to do, and I didn't get (or encounter) any bedbugs.
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Best answer: Hostelling International and 90% of Manhattan are pretty safe in general. Can't comment on bedbugs.

One thing you will probably want to know: the 103rd St. station has no express trains; the 96th St. station does.
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Best answer: I also stayed there a couple years ago in a large group, and it was excellent.
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Response by poster: Thanks so much, dear New Yorkers! I really appreciate all the helpful tips and support, and I will go ahead with my plans. I'll be in touch with those of you via memail should anything come up! Thank you so much, you guys are awesome. Can't wait to visit your wonderful city!
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Best answer: I stayed here once about eight years ago and had my camera stolen after I had forgotten to lock up my bag when I went out for dinner. There was a shifty looking guy in the room who probably took it; that same night he was kicked out for not paying his bill. Use the lockers, which is common sense in any hostel really. Otherwise I had a great stay. Proximity to Central Park was wonderful.
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