Long kitchen apron
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Where in New York can I get a machine-washable 35"-40" long apron for ~$15? I'm tired of wearing aprons that end at mid-thigh, but all the long aprons I've found are heavy, expensive things designed for protection while welding or turning wood or working with chemicals. This is just for cooking, so a waterproof backing would be nice but I don't need leather or ballistic nylon or pockets. I'd rather not go online because the shipping alone is often $15.
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Well, that was a waste of a question: McMaster-Carr.
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I'd look at art supply places like Pearl Paint. Online, Pearl has a 36" denim apron for 15 bucks. Probably machine washable...
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I don't know about the exact lengths, but they sell long aprons at Win Restaurant Supply on Lafayette Street just north of Houston. You don't need a tax ID to shop there--it's open to the public, just go in and walk up to the second floor. There are loads of other restaurant supply places nearby but Win is pretty large and clean so I usually go there first.
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I was going to suggest a restaurant supply store, though I don't know any specific ones.
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There are about a dozen restaurant supply places within a few blocks radius of the intersection of Bowery & Houston.
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IKEA 365+ apron: 55 % cotton, 45 % linen, machine washable (hot 140°F), lenght 37", $12.99. More IKEA aprons here.
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