Are international MBAs or other MA's taken seriously in the US
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How accredited are international MBAs or other graduate degrees in the US?

  I am naturalized US citizen who also has an EU citizenship on account of my birth, this allows me to attend schools in certain countries at free tuition. I am interested in attending a graduate school in the kingdom of Denmark in particular (because I always wanted to live there). Is this a worthy investment ifI live in NYC, have access to decent schools here, and plan on returning here?

afterwards or somewhere else in the US?   Bear in mind I have always wanted to live in Denmark and feel this will be an excellent opportunity to do so while receiving a free education, not to mention establish an international business presence.   1. Will this screw my employability back home in America or add value?   2. Can you think of any other countries well seen in the US except for England?

I appreciate any feedback. Thank you and happy new year's!
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European MBAs other than INSEAD don't have much reputation in the US. You'd need to verify that the Danish school has strong local hiring, get hired by a company over there, and then work for a transfer back to the US.
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INSEAD and IMD have good reputations, although whether a particular American employer is familiar with them will really depend.
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