Where to find tech-friendly fashion
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Where can I find tech-friendly fashion that looks good? E.g. sweaters or hoodies that help you with headphone cables, storage for gadgets etc. Shouldn't be too exclusive or pricey.

If you found something via search, let me know what terms you were looking for.
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North Face makes gloves with conductive finger tips, which is great when you want to keep your fingers warm and still use an iPhone/iPad. They look great and work pretty well.
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Target also has a wide selection of conductive finger tip gloves for super cheap (3 pack for 10 on the cheapest ones, there are also slightly fancier versions).

There are also hoodies with headphone built-in available. I had an Old Navy version that was pretty great until I lost the ear bud rubber part in the wash - I put it through the dryer and everything.
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Best answer: The folks at SCOTTEVEST make clothing with huge numbers of pockets and various tech-friendly features. On the extreme end, that's jackets with 32 pockets, each one containing a little card to tell you what you could put in it. Pretty much everything they make has features to route headphones, and some of their jackets have hidden clear pockets so you can quickly use your smartphone from inside the pocket. How good they look depends on your view of such things, but most of their products aren't bad looking at all in my opinion.
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Bluetooth headphones make all of your clothing tech-friendly! Have made my life better.
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North Face makes gloves with conductive finger tips

Agloves makes gloves that are conductive all over, which is even better.
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GeekCook makes some great tech-friendly accessories. I have this bag that fits my iPhone and iPad perfectly, and this one looks cute and useful too.
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