Restaurants that deliver to South Minneapolis?
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Do any good restaurants deliver to South Minneapolis? It is our anniversary and two of three kids are sick. So, we've had to cancel the hotel and restaurant reservations. I'm hoping to salvage the evening a bit with a nice dinner that we don't have to cook. I know about our local Chinese restaurant and the pizza places, but am wondering if there is something nicer.
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If you can afford it, BiteSquad has you covered. Restaurant delivery service that covers several South Mpls joints. Quick and very reliable.
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Restaurant connection and Bitesquad are the two services I've used. Never had any issues with either one.
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Broder's delivers. I don't know if it counts as nice or not (nor why I know they deliver), but it's a non-(entirely) pizza/Chinese option.
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If you're east of 35W then you're already familiar with the lack of fine delivery establishments in SMpls. Assuming you're in that general area:

Gandhi Mahal delivers.
Chris and Robs delivers.
Fat Lorenzos delivers.

Sort of a sad list and probably not anniversary appropriate. Hopefully you're west of 35W and closer to Hennepin/Lyndale/Nicollet where there are more options.....

If you are up for driving to pick-up/ takout, try Al Vento. In my opinion it is the best restaurant east of 35W in Minneapolis and is anniversary appropriate.
posted by lstanley at 1:20 PM on December 28, 2012 [1 favorite] has service in Minneapolis. You need to put your address in to find the specific restaurants you can order from.

We use it all the time (I mean ALL the time, we are lazy as shit) and have never had a problem with it. Customer service is very good.
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