Music to escape the zombie apocalypse
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Help me create a workout playlist that is themed to work especially well with the booming exercise trend: running away from zombies!

I just downloaded an app for my phone that turns walks, jogs, and runs into an interactive game where you're trying to run away from zombies. The app has audio cues, but allows you to use your own playlist to fill in the gaps.

I think I'm hoping to find heartpumping music, that includes a touch of dread.

Song suggestions?
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My "Zombies, Run!" playlist includes:

Re: Your Brains, Jonathan Coulton
Cold War, Janelle Monae
Everywhere With Helicopter, Bob Pollard
We Know All About You, Ebony Bones
Dead Souls, Joy Division
Bad Romance, Lady Gaga
Time Travel, Blouse

And a bunch of tracks off the soundtrack of the Bollywood movie Endhiran. I dunno why those work, but they totally do.
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Jeffrey Lewis - If you shoot the head you kill the ghoul!

One of my favourite songs of all time - Homeboy by Adorable, inexplicably has the lyrics "I wanna cut you up I wanna watch you bleed ever so slowly".
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I don't have a specific playlist, but I used the Zombies, Run app while listening to Spotify radio and M83's Reunion came on just as I got to the first settlement, which was kind of awesome.
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Is that the Zombies, Run! App? Love it and use it. I typically go for whatever I'm listening to at the mo. But depending on your tastes, I find Vitalic is both heartpumping and a bit dread inducing. The video to Poney and stamina are brilliant.

You prefer cocaine

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Response by poster: Yeah, "Zombies, Run."
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Infidel Zombie by the Dickies?
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Author & Punisher has all the post-apocalyptic dread you can handle. It's not fast, but it's very tense.
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Kernkraft 400 by Zombie Nation, obviously.
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"Back to the Grave" by Howler comes to mind. Although you might be running toward the zombies with that one.

On that theme, any of the "Back from the Grave" CDs from Crypt Records would be a great zombie escape soundtrack. Not available as MP3 downloads from Amazon, but where there's a will.
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Can't find a good link from here, but my favorite warmup song is "Damn These Vampires" from the most recent Mountain Goats album, All Eternals Deck. I always imagine myself patrolling a post-apocalyptic neighborhood waiting for the monsters to wake up.
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Seconding "Damn These Vampires!"
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Brynna Campbell - "Undead" for sure!

"Damn These Vampires" is an excellent choice, as well is another Mountain Goats song: "Lovecraft in Brooklyn" (the latter is much more high-energy).
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Why, I know a song perfect for this purpose!
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Thirding "Damn These Vampires" but with the addendum that All Eternals Deck is not the latest Mountain Goats album. Transcendental Youth is the latest Mountain Goats album and is actually rife with zombie-running-appropriate songs, particularly "Amy aka Spent Gladiator I" and "Harlem Roulette"
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'Life During Wartime' by Talking Heads
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I listen to a lot of Trampled by Turtles on my running playlist just because I love Trampled by Turtles, but their song "It's A War" would be my choice for a Zombies, Run playlist based on its furious tempo and somewhat ominous theme.

(In case anyone didn't realize, that would be Zombies, Run! by MetaFilter's OwnTM Adrian Hon and co.)
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I also downloaded Zombies, Run today and am working on a playlist! The best one on my list so far is Yeasayer's Reagan's Skeleton.
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I asked this question that was more "WE HAVE TO DO THIS SPY THING" than "ZOMFG ZOMBIES", but maybe it'll help?
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Metric's "Help, I'm Alive", while not strictly zombie-related, has always had a zomb-pocalypse feel to me, along with great energy.
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Ooh someone brought up Talking Heads, which reminded me that I keep meaning to add "Stay Hungry" to my zombie playlist.
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You Can't Keep Me by Amy LaVere, though it is technically about running away from a bad relationship and not a zombie, has a pretty good tempo and includes the repeated line "I'll run like hell," which always seems particularly satisfying to me when it comes on while I'm running.
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For dread+heart-pumping running-from-zombies music, you can't do better than Don Abandons Alice, from the 28 Weeks Later OST. Here's the scene it accompanies in the film (music starts at 2:15min).
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"Remove Ya" by The Eternals. It's a little slow; maybe it'll work for your warmup.
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Don't Stop Me Now by Queen.
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...and The Eternals' "War's Blazing Disciples" is more urgently uptempo, if not about zombies.
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Morning After Dark by Timbaland? A bit more vampires than zombies, perhaps, but I feel like the mood is right.
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I think I'm hoping to find heartpumping music, that includes a touch of dread.

Obligatory, and perfect for ramping up from a slow trot to a full-on run-for-your-life sprint: John Murphy's "In the House, In a Heartbeat" (the theme from the 28 Days Later series)
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Marian Call has a song We're out for Blood.
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Damnable cell keyboard chopped off the last bit of that link; here's the right one:

"In the House, In a Heartbeat"
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Just about every track on the remix album (TKOL RMX 1234567) for The King of Limbs, most especially this track.
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Pearl Jam's Do the Evolution

Let us know if you put an online playlist together!

Nick Cave's Murder Ballads album might have some treats for you.
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Oh man, this is great. So my ZR playlist, as shown in the Runner's Guide (warning: big PDF) which has a lot of our team's recs as well, is:

1. The Execution of All Things 
by Rilo Kiley
2. Queen Bitch by David Bowie
3. Walk On by U2
4. Immigrant Song 

by Trent Reznor & Karen O
5. Theme from the Graffiti Artist 
 by Kid Loco
6. TRON: Legacy and Reconfigured (the albums)
7. Gimme Shelter 
by The Rolling Stones
8. A New World by DeVotchKa
9. Here it Goes Again by OK Go
10. Apotheosis by Austin Wintory
11. Rebellion (Lies) 
 by The Arcade Fire
12. Moulin Rouge End Titles
13. Portions For Foxes by Rilo Kiley

Lately I've been listening to the Django Unchained soundtrack, which is awesome. Also: Mashup Manifesto and Mashup Manifesto II.
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Oops, my link upthread didn't work.

The Eternals - Remove Ya, War's Blazing Disciples
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