Save my purse and save my cat
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Help me rescue and soften a leather purse!

My lovely cat had an overnight accident on top of a brand new purse that I adore. I panicked and got rid of his DNA with a damp washcloth. Miraculously, the bag does not smell of urine at all. However, there is a fist-sized spot on the front flap of the purse where the leather has turned rock hard.

Help me restore this purse! I've read about conditioners and saddle soap but would love your experiences. If it makes any difference, the bag is allegedly sheep skin leather and is black. Here's a photo of the purse. A photo of the offender might be provided if I ever forgive him.

Thank you!
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I think one of the lowest-risk things you can do is just keep using it, give it some time and wear it close to your skin. It'll soften eventually.
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Spend a few minutes massaging the area would be my suggestion, bend it and move it around and it will soften up considerably. Saddle soap is more for cleaning leather and a lot of conditioners have an oil in them which will soften the leather but can also darken it. Check in a discrete location first before using any products on your bag.

This info is based on looking after horse tack and not nice leather handbags, though my MIL just suggested Cavalier Leather Lotion to keep your bag in condition and help waterproof it once you have it soft, I've never used it so make of that what you will.
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Best answer: The bag is black so I'm not sure darkening will be an issue. I think you probably want a non-oily product that you can massage into the leather. There is a product called Leather Therapy that might help. It is not oily and sinks into the leather pretty readily. You'll find it in tack shops. There are various leather "balms" available at places like Wal-Mart and Target. They would be worth a try, too.
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Best answer: oh - I couldn't recommend saphir restorateur more if I tried.

Pretty pricy, but so so worth it.
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It may be rock hard from getting wet. I would try leather cream.
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When I was in Morocco I purchased a leather purse and asked the man who was selling it to me how to take care of it. He told me that whenever I get a stain on the purse, I should rub a slice of lemon on the spot, and that has worked very well for me in the past. Putting an open container of baking soda in the purse will also help to get rid of odors. I hope this helps!
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