Help me find this FPP about an awesome backpack?
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I realize this is the "Can you help me find a book? I think it was blue..." of backpack questions, but I'm looking for a specific backpack from a specific FPP, but I've gotten super fuzzy on the details.

I'm looking for a backpack-related post that I cannot find anywhere on the MeFi suite of sites, despite frequent and lengthy searches over the last year.

The post was from late 2011 (October or later) to (maybe) early 2012, and the backpack in question was black, largish, somewhat expensive ($250ish? more?), and the rather lengthy article read less like a product description than like "I'm an international photojournalist who tromped all over the Middle East for like a year with this awesome indestructible backpack." That sentence is a serious oversimplification and I may be wrong on the specifics (e.g. could have been a courier or even the owner of the backpack company instead of a journalist, could have been somewhere other than the Middle East).

The apparent holes in my memory also made me forget the maker of the bag, or its name, other than a lingering suspicion it was called something not-helping like X2 or Z2 or G2, but Google searches for those terms come up with bags that are not the thing I'm looking for.

The only other thing I can think of was that I remember thinking it was weird that a post I thought was about a guy who traveled a lot and was notable for doing so turned out to mostly be about a backpack, but many permutations of searches with the word "backpack" in them have turned up nothing in what feels like the right time frame.

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Is it this pack (sigh)?
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Well, maybe not that exact one, but that looks like the site.
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Now maybe I can find the post (it's as much about finding the post as the backpack at this point, just for my sanity).
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