What should I wear with this? Part VIII: Bridal Edition
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Mefi fashionistas: Help me jazz up my 60s wedding dress with just the right accessories! Pics inside...

You all did such a great job helping me dress up for my best friend's wedding, I thought I'd get some more of the same for my own upcoming big day, which is happening next month here in London (!!). I found a really fabulous and flattering dress on Etsy + some really cute shoes on Zappos. Hair will be probably be up. Current accessories include pearl drop earrings with sentimental value, and an as-yet-unseen bracelet that my mom is currently making for me, but I'm lost trying to figure out the rest of the accessories and touches to pull everything together.

I'm inclined to keep going with a sort of 60s vintage look, but in my previous question, which also involved a period-style dress, some wise commenters cautioned me against looking to costume-y and I'd like to avoid that here, too.

Wedding details: just 20 guests (all family), town hall ceremony followed by canapes and then dinner, so hopefully a relatively chill day all around. Since the wedding is so small and brief--like my budget--, I'd also like to buy things I can feasibly use again.

Needs & questions:
-A wrap or jacket that might go well with the dress (or shoes??), and which I could wear comfortably inside if it's drafty (plus I tend to shiver when I'm tense or nervous no matter the temperature). I was briefly considering something like this or this, but they're meant more for outdoor pics than hanging around inside. I was thinking that since the dress is so structured, a loose wrap or shrug wouldn't go well, but I might be wrong. Maybe this in a different colour?

-Sash or no sash? I keep seeing them everywhere, but not sure if one would work here.

-Should my clutch match with the dress or shoes?

-Same question for the fascinator or birdcage veil I was thinking of wearing.

-Bonus question: Is this dress re-wearable? I have been assured that it is, but I have my doubts.

I'm looking forward to reading your suggestions. Thanks in advance and Happy New Year!
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I vote:
- wrap in the darker color in the dress.
- no sash
- clutch matching the shoes
- no opinion
- re-wearable
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Beautiful dress. For a wrap, how about a cashmere or angora bolero/shrug, like Kate Middleton wore to her wedding night dance? For your hair, I think a gold and ivory fascinator with a bit of netting across your face would be beautiful. There are a lot of choices on Etsy. I would get something rather compact as opposed to big feathers and such sticking out. No sash. Clutch to match shoes. Definitely rewearable!!
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I was going to suggest a jacket in just the same shape as those you indicated. It is your wedding ceremony, you do need to have sleeves during the ceremony itself.

The first jacket looks a bit too cheap and nasty, the second one has sleeves that aren't long enough, and the third one is just kind of knitted and bedjackety. Also, it can be tricky matching white shades to white as one shade can end up looking dingy.

I vote for the same shape of jacket, but in a burgundy velvet in the same shade as the shoes. I think you could quite easily make one or have one made, and not let slip that it's for your wedding so as not to be overcharged. You do risk having this turn out stuffy-looking, though, so watch out for anything too 90s.

As for a sash... why would you slap a sash on a dress like that?

I reckon you could sew a clutch out of the same fabric. Otherwise, get a gold one.

Headpiece should be gold.

Dress is totally rewearable. Heck you could put a denim jacket over it sometime just to go out. I'm not sure if you'll want to wear it twice though. If the fabric isn't all synthetic, and you are willing to take a risk, maybe you could dye it or change the hemline (I'm not looking at it now but I think it was full-length?)

Actually there's a thought: for the wedding you could ask a tailor if he could cut the hemline to the knee and use the leftover fabric to make you a capelet.
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What a great dress! I think that if there's one day you can be costumy, it's your wedding day. With that in mind:

-No sash
- Clutch with shoes
- birdcage veil/fascinator should match dress, and maybe have something sparkly in it too
- Yes, it's rewearable!

Love the bolero, and I don't think you'd be too warm. Maybe some long vintage gloves as well? If you don't want to go fur, I'd go with something with a metallic thread in the fabric.

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LOVE the dress!

I'd go with a dark gold wrap, (not a jacket), a clutch matched with shoes, OR a gold clutch (then jewellery that matches the shoes).

Totally rewearable.

Love the idea of a birdcage veil.
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The clutch shouldn't "match" either the dress or the shoes, but it should go with both. Some small & beaded in any number of colors (this! this! this!) would be perfect.
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Absolutely no sash. A sash will ruin the line of that dress.

Pearl earrings a perfect. If the bracelet could incorporate the color of the shoes, well that would be awesome. I would keep the shoes as the solo impact piece. For a purse, I'd do a slender gold envelope bag or no bag at all. (You have a bouquet to deal with already)

For a wrap, I'd do a sheerish gold silk - perhaps with a bit of beading at the edges. Sheer, beautiful and surprisingly warm. Instead of wrapping it back around your shoulders, wrap it front to back. That gives a really nice rear view.
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Ah no, it's knee length.

But this shape of capelet.
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No sash, no capelet, just a very pretty shawl in a solid or sheer that compliments the rest of the colors you've already established. Damn, that's a sweet dress.
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-Wrap- I think you could possibly get away with a gold (or is that dark cream? The darker color on the dress) pashmina (reusable). I would keep it off that glorious neckline, though.

- No sash!!

-Clutch to match or mirror the goldish color in the dress

-I'd do the fascinator/birdcage in the lighter cream - more bridal.

-That dress is very re-wearable, especially to a Christmas party where very few people are likely to have seen your wedding photos, for example. Or, even to someone else's much less vintage-inspired wedding (spring or summer, of course).
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Answering in reverse order:

Very re-wearable! Gorgeous.
Birdcage veil to match the dress, maybe in the darker color.
Clutch to match the shoes, or something beaded that picks up on both colors (like the ones TPS linked to-- that first one is perfect); either way, you want it to draw the outfit together.
No sash.
Wrap is hard-- maybe something like this? Or if you could get them to make this in a different color?
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This Etsy shop has some lovely shrugs and sweaters, in all kinds of fabrics to wear over your (beautiful!) portrait-collar wedding dress. She has the "Kate Middleton" angora pattern and she even has an aubergine shrug made up that's close to The color of your shoes (though I think the exact shrug shown is too...embellished... to wear with your dress). I think you'll at least get some great inspiration there!

So, about your pearl earrings--as you are going vintage, you might be interested to know there is an old superstition that it is bad luck to wear pearls on your wedding day ("a teardrop shed for every pearl"). Of course it is just nonsense. I wore a pearl choker on my own wedding day (23 and 1/2 years ago!) so I feel confident telling you they only ever gave me good luck in mine. ;)
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Akshuly a pillbox hat with a veil.

Dizziest's latter capelet suggestion.

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-like everyone above, I say no sash.

-matchy-matchy looks are a bit too dated IMHO (although matchy-matchy has become a trend in some circles, but in the same vein as say, colour-blocking). I'd say go for a patterned clutch that has the shoe's colour and the gold of the dress.

-bird cage veil, mostly white but it wouldn't hurt if it had some gold or the colour of the shoe

-the dress is very rewearable, you can dress it up or down. You have great taste!
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And I'd go for a white capelet and long white gloves.
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Thanks so much, everyone! I marked a few best answers, but they were all helpful and gave me lots to go on.
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In case you're still looking for a clutch, this would pick up in the colors in both the shoes and dress nicely.
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