Cloud-based alternatives to NotePad++?
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NotePad++, but in the cloud? I have the app I like, but I want it everywhere at once.

I already have it installed on a thumb drive, but I switch back and forth between computers a lot. I don't need a full-fledged development whatsit, I'm just looking for a cloud-based text editor with regexp-based search & replace and, ideally, custom syntax highlighting.

I'd prefer to be able to leave the file open on all machines and have it automatically update when I make changes. And if it'd work on my Nexus 7, too, even better.

Does such a thing exist? One of the computers is at work, so I can't install stuff on it. Having extra features I won't use is fine, but just a plain text editor without the search/replace doesn't work. I'd be willing to pay a little for it, but not more than like $5/mo, since it's for personal use.
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Host the file on Dropbox and use NotePad++ to edit it. Put Dropbox and Notepad++ on your thumb drive.
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Cloud9 is about as close as you're going to get. It's all browser-based, so no software to download.
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jsFiddle is cloud based, but not nearly as feature rich as notepad++. It has syntax hilighting, but not regex searching, and is meant exclusively for stand-alone projects (not multiple files).
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You should also look into ShiftEdit, though it hasn't worked for me.
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PS: Your best option is really a VPS or other remote box of some kind. I'm more of a *nix guy so I don't have any good recommendations on a Windows VPS (but if you can do Linux, Linode gets my vote); but a remote box will give you precisely what you're looking to do.

(Azure and EC2 both have Windows machines on offer; but they might be overkill for just one machine)
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I use Notational Velocity alt, which syncs with Simplenote. Works everywhere.

If you're on a PC, there are other Simplenote clients here.
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I use Dropbox to do this with pleadings I'm working on, except I do not leave the documents open. If you are willing to exit and re-open, grouse has the right solution. Install text editor or portable text editor wherever you need it. Actually, I use metapad and just run it straight from Dropbox.
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Seconding nvALT + Dropbox. Any of a hundred editors will do what you want when you save the file on Dropbox; nvALT is just particularly convenient and lightweight.
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You could fiddle with ACE, which is the JS-library Cloud9 uses, although ACE itself is free and easily adjustable. You could host it on one of your own websites/servers and it should also work on your Nexus right in your browser.
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I was going to recommend Mozilla Bespin, however it looks like that was closed down and rolled into ACE and Cloud9. Looks like that's the best you're likely to get.
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I do this old-school, with a little Debian box running 24/7 at my house. Vim and screen and ssh get the job done for me. I can use all that stuff natively from any Internet-connected Mac or Linux box, and ssh clients are readily available for Windows, Android and iOS.
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Response by poster: My tentative solution, which is not at all newbie-friendly, is that I already had a VPS, and I have managed to get VNC running quite nicely on it with XFCE. It's kind of a resource hog for what it needs to be and I may yet switch to something lighter-weight, but it was sort of interesting to toy with.

Cloud9 did look pretty cool, but this allows me to run a couple other things in the same persistent way, which is awesome. I sadly use enough mouse in my text-editing that I haven't yet been comfortable enough to switch to something like vim, although that would be considerably easier to run on a low-end VPS or a Raspberry Pi or something. (I always end up running my desktops into the ground, so I don't really have any spares.)
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You know vim has mouse support, yes?
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