Table. Keyboard Tray. Ergonomic.
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I'm looking for a sturdy table. Rectangular. Plain. About 28" high or so. Maybe something that folds up, or with legs that unscrew. And I'm looking for a sturdy height- and tilt-adjustable keyboard tray, wide enough to fit a mouse. Cheap. Simple. Together or separate. Got any advice?

I've got four or five desks at my disposal. All of them have drawers or blocks of wood where a keyboard tray could be attached.

I've looked online. Nothing I find is ergonomic. (The keyboard tray doesn't move, for example; or the desk is too high.) Or else it's niche ergonomic (and costs thousands). I see desks with funny shelf systems above them, and special cabinetry below them. Fake wood. "Fancy" hardware. Overly small trays. Weirdly shaped desks. No. No. No.

I just want a sturdy simple plain table, long enough to fit a couple of screens, some paper, a few files, maybe a book. Rectangular. About 28" high or so. Ideally, it could be taken apart for my next move. Ideally, it would already have a sturdy height- and tilt-adjustable keyboard tray wide enough to fit a mouse attached. But if it doesn't, I can find someone to attach one. The key is I need a good desk fast. My typing load just keeps increasing, and my current situation is makeshift, and unwise for the long term.

Any ideas?

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I've settled on elfa's freestanding components to create a workspace, since it not only disassembles easily for moves, but allows for future expansion. The shelf heights and depths are customizable, so the monitors sit on a narrower shelf above the desk/keyboard shelf. Your mileage may vary, but you could theoretically attach a separate keyboard tray to the underside of a shelf.
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Get a length of IKEA butcherblock countertop or one of their tabletops and attach whatever legs you like, and then also whatever keyboard tray you like.
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The Elfa stuff is not made out of wood, so I wouldn't want to drill into it. But the idea is exactly what I was looking for, so I appreciate the suggestion.

It also gives me a model to think about when working with Ikea, which was also an excellent suggestion.

Between the two, I hope to get me THE perfect desk. Thanks to both of you!
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It should be easy enough to get hardwood cut to the same dimensions as the elfa shelving if the materials aren't to your liking.
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