Does anyone own a Thermomix? Do you like it? Pros and cons, please
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Does anyone own a Thermomix? How do you like it? Pros and cons, please.

I'm intrigued by the German-engineered Thermomix, which is sometimes available used on worldwide e-bay for a fairly reasonable price (under $500), considering its initial price tag of over $1,000. (It's not available for sale in the US.) I cook and bake a good deal, mostly from scratch. Is this gadget worth the investment? Many thanks, hive cooks.
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There are some answers here. The answer marked as "best": "What a load of bullshit."
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"load of bullshit" might be a bit harsh. I'd never buy one, but if I was constantly making egg based sauces, soups, italian meringues, tempering chocolate, I could see the point.
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A close friend of mine bought one a year ago. She looooooves it, but she's also a really enthusiastic cook.
For a recent lunch party, she made two kinds of soup, a sorbet, a few fancy sauces and some other things (I forget) in her Thermomix, apparently in no time at all.
To me, it's similar to a Kitchenaid mixer: a great tool if you're going to be cooking/baking anyway, but not the best investment if you don't specifically see how you'll use it.
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Huh. I really really like my thermomix. We have a small kitchen, so I don't have room to leave a food processor or blender out on the counter or even in the cupboards. The thermomix has a relatively small footprint and is ridiculously easy to clean, so I'm happy to use it for small tasks. We cook 2-3 times a day for a family of 7, and if I'm cooking, I'll use the thermomix for 75% of the meals such as grinding spices, mincing garlic and onions, blending a sauce or steaming veggies.

Most recently I've made carrot cake, orange cake, vanilla cake, frosting, peanut butter, ice-blended coffee, fruit slushies, chicken curry, lemon-steamed greens, tomato soup, applesauce, vegan mayo, potato salad, gravy, pesto, pasta dough, and Vietnamese pho.

Adapting recipes to the thermomix after a while is straightforward. The best part is predictability. I tweak a recipe until it's just how I like it and then it's the same settings afterwards for very close to the same results.

It just makes cooking faster and more efficient so I can cook more things or try more complicated recipes.

The only downsides are the pricetag means I have been very cautious about letting my kids use it without me supervising, and they cook a lot of our meals, and the size - it's perfect for 2-4 people, but I can't use it for a single dish for 6-7 people, so I will use it for a side or for part of it, then finish on the stove or microwave.

I wouldn't get it if you already had a great mixer/food processor that was always on your counterspace, but for a small kitchen and a smaller family, it could be really useful.
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Apparently it mixes yeast breads in under three minutes?
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