Best ADD apps?
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I've found this thread but I'm specifically looking for the best (in your experience) apps for ADD

(and like the previous thread, not necessarily to help the already-organized/focused become more so). Android or iPod touch suggestions welcome - haven't purchased a device yet. Not-free apps also welcome. Currently looking for a to-do type app that will (this is critical) continue to send a POP-UP reminder until you physically indicate the task is completed. Snooze function is ok, but not if the pop-ups stop popping up if you fail to hit snooze.

I am currently fixated on acquiring a to-do reminder app, but recommendations for any other apps you folks may have found useful to work with the ADD mind are also greatly appreciated.

Thank you!
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Pomodroido, or any other apps for the pomodoro technique. I like Android devices because I use Google's calendar system. Those two, and a good alarm app, are the only apps I actually use that help with my ADHD.
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I actually stopped using Tasks because it kept doing exactly what you say you want, at least on my Android phone. I can't remember whether it popped up every once in a while or just once a day or whatever, but it wouldn't shut up about things I hadn't done yet and I found it aggravating rather than helpful. So... yeah. :)

I'm using OutofMilk for shopping and to-do functions now. I also swear by NetMemo; it uploads my voice memos to my Google Drive for me to listen to when I get home (I have not yet paid for the premium features, and so don't know if they're worth it.) When I have time to actually type stuff, I use Natural Notes. I report to my therapist about my compliance with these helpful apps - that's actually way helpful for me, and I recommend having a human being to report to if you can wrangle it.

Somewhere or other here on MetaFilter someone suggested Wunderlist, but it appears that right this month they're having "issues" so I have no idea if it's helpful or not.
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I actually love Tasks for the exact reason why Fee Phi Faux didn't like it, although I've never had it constantly bothering me. It usually shows up once in the status bar, telling me there is something I need to do. If you don't want to see it again, simply dismiss it. But since I have what some might describe as severe ADD, I usually don't dismiss the task and let it bother me to death until I do it. Works well.
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Location-aware alarms. I have been wanting this feature for years and now that I have it, I absolutely love it. I have an iPhone 5 and use two apps:

1. Checkmark for recurring alarms or alarms that I set in advance, as it's easier to tweak and set specific locations (for example, I set a recurring alarm so that, 5 minutes after I arrive at the grocery store parking lot, I'm reminded to bring in my reusable bags. If I get that alarm before then, I'll be too busy parking to notice. I haven't forgotten my bags since).

1. Reminders, the stock app, as it integrates with Siri so I can use it on the fly (activate Siri, say "Remind me to call Dr. Ryan when I get to work" and when I arrive at work, an alarm goes off with a link to my doctor's number).

Both of these apps also have time-based alarms, so you can set traditional "Call so-and-so at 5 pm" reminders, too. I've been keeping my to-dos in Checkmark, too. I'm sure there are similar Android apps, if that's the direction you're going.

I also like Evernote as my brain's external hard drive (anything and everything, from work notes to interesting articles to recipes to possible gift ideas for loved ones), and I'm using the stock Calendar app (for now).
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Oh, yeah, location awareness! I hadn't thought of this as an ADHD thing, but it totally is. I use Llama, primarily to silence my phone when I'm at work or school, and to do battery saving things like dimming my screen when I arrive at places where I'm usually inside.
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