Software to find resale values of music CDs
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I want to help a relative sell a collection of CDs. Is there any software that takes UPCs or other identifying information and automatically checks Amazon,, eBay, etc., for current resale prices?
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If you've got an iPhone, I think this app will do what you want -
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I have an Android phone and access to Windows PCs and Macs. Also, I'd like something that can take a whole list of UPCs, not one at a time. Thanks, though. I should have made my original request clearer.
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Also, I'd like something that can take a whole list of UPCs, not one at a time.

How do you plan on getting the list of UPCs? Seems like scanning them with your phone one at a time is a lot faster than typing them in one at a time, unless you've already got them.
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I've started scanning them with my phone. There is also software that lets you insert each CD into a drive to catalog it.
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For whatever it's worth, if this is a fairly normal lot of CDs, radio stuff like Mariah Carey, Smashmouth, standard stuff, they're probably worth .25-.50 each at most. Prices for used CDs have been tanking, and your best bet is probably Craigslist as a lot for fairly cheap. I had a lot of fairly normal boring CDs to get rid of and I ended up Craigslisting them as a 125-count lot for $30, and that took a while. Best of luck!
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My relative lives in the boondocks, so she probably won't be able to sell them locally, unless she ships them to me in the big city (San Francisco), where there are some good used CD stores, as well as lots of craigslist users. The CDs are mostly country music. I don't have high hopes but want to help out as best as I can.
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Profit Bandit is an app for smartphones that will do price checks on Amazon. Amazon has a free one, too.
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I also found that has a bulk uploader for UPCs that gives pricing information; however, it hung when I tried using it.
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The bulk uploader worked today. I found a bulk UPC checker at, although it's pretty finicky.
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