Removable wallpaper to cover hideous apartment detail.
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What do I need to know about using removable wallpaper?

I am plagued by how ugly and dated the pine trim around the doorways and windows is in my rental apartment. My landlord said he didn't want to paint over it, so, after researching a million options (paint it myself then somehow strip the paint, DIY fabric wallpaper, etc.) I've settled on Sherwin Williams EasyChange removable wallpaper (link to EasyChange currently broken, which does not inspire confidence). I would love it if I could have found plain white, but I've found a white with a faint gray vertical stripe that should be better than the log-cabinish pine trim.

Has anyone used removable wallpaper before? I'm looking for tips (are there any tricks specific to removable wallpaper?) and the tools I'll need--what's the best tool to cut? Can I do better than a fresh box cutter? Do I need a special straight edge or a roller? I'm using the wallpaper on just the trim, which is about six inches wide and about one inch in thickness from the wall.

I want to make covering the trim as simple as possible and as professional-looking as I can.
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I don't know about wallpaper, removeable or not, but: BEFORE you paint or wallpaper ANYTHING, get your landlord's permission IN WRITING. Otherwise at best, you're risking the loss of your security deposit; at worst, loss of security deposit plus eviction.
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