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I'm trying to find a watch that does not beep when I press the button to illuminate the watch face. I also need it to have an alarm and to be somewhat water resistant (suitable for jogging/hiking in the rain). It would be awesome if this watch cost less than $50. Any suggestions?
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Best answer: I just bought this watch for my son and it lights up with no sound effects.
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It sounds like you want just about any watch from Timex with an alarm.
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Best answer: Timex ironman.

They are simple, intuitive and very durable.
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Best answer: This Casio (model F105W-1A) for $13.50, with EL backlight and 100m water resistance. You can get a similar one for around $10 with an incandescent bulb for the backlight rather than the electroluminescent lighting that this one has. I think the extra is worth it, both for quality of illumination and battery life.

I like mine, it's never let me down, and I've noticed that a lot of my outdoorsy friends have independently ended up with the same or a similar model.
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+1 to Timex Ironman. My previous one lasted for 10+ years, through about 4 band replacements and 2 battery replacements and then I lost it. Current one is still going strong.
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I was coming to suggest the Timex Ironman like Tim_in_oz. My husband got his many years ago in basic training and its still alive, although it could use a new band, it's still functional, just worn looking.
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Another +1 for Timex Ironman. Inexpensive. Works well. Fits your criteria. Looks nice.

I have one that I bought to use for swimming laps. So water resistant in the rain should be no problem.
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Best answer: I'm 99.999999% sure that none of my Timex Expeditions have ever beeped while lighting up. The Casio G-shock I'm using now definitely doesn't (the DW-9052). I've never paid more than $50 for an everyday watch, since I'm horribly rough on the things.
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