Keeping up with mens fashions
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How can I stay current on fashions for men?

My career has hit a point where I want my appearance to keep up with current fashion trends. I'm an outsider when it comes to fashion - I know basically what looks good and what looks sloppy, but I'm a bit clueless on the minutiae, and hopelessly lost when it comes to things going out of style.

What are some trustworthy sites, magazines, etc that will guide me through the jungle? Something with an accurate look into current popular styles, not what I would call theoretical fashion (fit for the runways and nothing else). I'm looking for both business and casual styles, and though I want to be near the front of the curve I'm still somewhat classic/conservative in my dress (for example, you will probably not catch me wearing these.)

I'd rather not spend a lot of time on this, more like a gut check every month or so. Alternatively, is this something I should start looking for a professional shopper or image consultant for?
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Best answer: Styleforum- Men discussing and posting pictures of their outfits. The "Mens Clothing" forum is more conservative/business, and the "Streetwear/ Denim" forum is more fashion-forward/casual.
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Best answer: Hesitant as I am to link to Reddit, take a look at r/malefashionadvice. It's got a bit of a weird cultish vibe but it actually does provide a good baseline of looks.
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Pinterest. Men's fashion page.
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Best answer: Esquire for inspiration and Dappered for reliable, reasonably priced items.
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Best answer: Put This On changed my life and got me excited about clothes for the first time. It's not a trendy site, but it's a regular stream of solid advice and inspiration.
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Best answer: Valet Mag.
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Dappered is outstanding for good style on a budget.
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Response by poster: Wow, the "Getting Started" guides on the Reddit sidebar already cleared up a lot of basic questions for me. I feel somewhat ashamed to have gone through 33 years of life without knowing how to find clothes that really fit well. Thanks yellowbinder!
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone. These look like a really good start. Time for a wardrobe makeover, it looks like.
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