Men’s fashion book from the 70’s
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A couple of years ago I read about a book of contemporary men’s fashion from the 70’s. It is considered a classic by some and I believe fetches a fair price. It featured a lot of mixing of styles. Any idea what this might be?
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Not so much mixing of styles, and '65 instead of 70s, but could it have been Take Ivy? The original was highly sought-after, but it's been reprinted recently.
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"Dress for Success"? Author maybe something like Malloy?
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It's from the 80s, but Alan Flusser's Clothes and the Man otherwise matches your description. It's still very collectible.
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I’m sorry I don’t have much to go on, but I think (and should have made clear);

It had more of a "fashion" angle, not classic conservative men’s style. But to make this more confusing the gist of it seemed to be mixing various classic styles for a contemporary look. Not Ziggy Stardust or Disco clothes, not Cary Grant, but boots with a suit jacket, something like that.
That’s how I remember it anyway.
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