What do you put on vulvar abrasions to help them heal?
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Embarrassing Injury Filter: I managed to scrape my vulva on a rough surface today. Now I have these little paper cut type abrasions on the very softest parts but I can't really see them and I don't know what to put on them so they heal up properly. Can I put Neosporin on them? I'm worried that if I'm not careful any ointment I use will spawn a YI or something. :( My gyno won't be open till after the New Year otherwise I'd call and ask her.
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Ow ow ow ow ow! Been there, kinda. Washed with water, and used KY to keep the area from getting dry. It healed quickly (<2 days IME). I wouldn't recommend putting anything there not explicitly intended for that area, and would avoid toys & play (solo or not) until it heals.
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Seconding ow ow ow. When I gave birth to my baby I did not tear but suffered abrasions like you describe. (... look, I dunno either ... it's a mystery ) There was no need for any special ointment. I used a peri-bottle to gently spritz water on myself after using the toilet. (I think they sell them at every pharmacy.) Light dabbing motion with toilet paper, don't rub. Comfortable cotton panties (I'd worry about any ointment causing your panties to stick the injured part, which is not great.) Watch out for weeping/discharge from the wounds as a sign of infection. I think the less you mess with it, the faster it heals on its own. You get the idea.
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If you could go underwearless while sleeping, that would be beneficial.
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If you have questions about what to do, I'd suggest calling Planned Parenthood. They should be open tomorrow, and you should be able to either talk to a medical professional on the phone or visit a clinic in your area to get checked out. They'll even talk to you and give advice/referrals if they don't operate in your area. I think you've gotten some good suggestions here, but if you're in a lot of pain, or even if you're just feeling anxious (I think I would be, because I'm a nervous type about medical stuff), there's no shame in wanting some professional reassurance.
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Vulvas have been getting abraded since there were vulvas! They are actually very tough. I would simply keep the area clean but not be too anxious about it or upset the area too much. It will heal well on its own.
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Response by poster: What if it all stings? I swear to god, if I barely move or if air somehow reaches that part of my body I am in total pain. Is there any kind of analgesic could I use?

May contact Planned Parenthood -- good idea.
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I'd take a couple pain relievers and then try out some kind of wound care product with lidocaine in it. Might sting at first, but 'caines will numb ya. If nothing else, soak an unfolded maxi in water, freeze, then apply. If it stings when you pee, use the peri-bottle filled with warm water while you're going to dilute the stream.
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Dermoplast (a spray with benzocaine, similar to lidocaine in it) is common to get in the hospital after you give birth to spray on. it is available otc.
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Seconding Dermoplast. It really will get better before you know it, I promise.
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If you have health insurance, check on your card or the website whether they provide a nurse-staffed advice line. Mine does. Also, if you call your ob/gyn office, the message may have the number of someone who can help patients out.

Good luck!
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My midwife suggested liberal use of straight castor oil when I had a vulva issue of a similar variety (it was not childbirth related, but I was pregnant at the time). It worked to soothe instantly and healed within a day or two.
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Oh Birds, been there, done that, and know all about the stingy ow from air and liquid alike hitting the tender parts. Simple Vaseline promotes healing of minor cuts and scrapes. Keep the abraded area lightly lubricated with a light coat of petroleum jelly (yes, we know to not use it as lube because it's not water-soluble, but you're not applying it internally) . Don't use Neosporin; a lot of folks have an allergic reaction to neomycin, so it's better to use polysporin if you absolutely feel you might be at risk for a topical infection. Otherwise, best to avoid medicated ointments, and just keep the area moisturized.
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Response by poster: Thank you all so much for weighing in on this delicate issue. This isn't the first time I've incurred injuries like this but I've been too embarrassed to ask anyone about it before today -- hopefully some of the treatments suggested will get me back to normal ASAP. I think a combo of petroleum jelly and dermoplast will be my savior. We shall see. Right now a pack of ice is sort of providing relief, albeit of a very frosty variety.
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You can use Neosporin.
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Although I lack ladyparts, many female runners of my acquaintance swear by Aquaphor as a superior alternative to petroleum jelly. Apparently abrasions are a fairly common problem for distance runners.
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I would use triple paste diaper cream. It's magic, and safe for the sensitive parts.
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Response by poster: Neosporin worked! I just reapplied it often and I was better in a day. Will still keep other things on hand just in case as this seems to happen more often than I'd like and I don't seem to be able to avoid it. Danke!
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