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What is the best place to eat Chinese food for lunch tomorrow (Christmas) in Seattle?

I wish to celebrate Christmas in the manner of my people and eat some Chinese food for lunch tomorrow. What is a good Chinese place on the south side of Seattle, including Burien, Renton, etc., that is likely to be open?
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Is the International District too far north? My favorite is Seven Stars Pepper there. They're in a shopping center with parking. My favorite things there are half-and-half buffet hot pot for two or more and dan dan noodles.
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If you haven't been there already, Wah Kue is an interesting place. It doesn't seem to have changed much since my first visit in 1963, and it was kind of a dump back then. The food was pretty good, though, and there was plenty of it. Given the "traditional Chinese" menu and decor, it might be exactly the spot you're looking for.
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We do Seven Stars Pepper every year for Xmas. Black Bean Crab!
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I've been to Jumbo on Rainier at the north end of Columbia City. There's a lot of seating, the food is good, and not being in the International District, parking is easy in the huge lot.
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Seven Stars!
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Thanks everyone! We ended up going to Szechuan First in Kent, which was excellent. I will try to get to Seven Stars soon.
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