I wish I had double ovens, but alas...
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YouAreNotMyChef question: Two dishes, one oven. I'm braising Ina Garten's Four Hour Leg of Lamb tomorrow and making her French flageolet beans. I have one oven (I can turn on convection if necessary) and there are two cooking temps. Can you help me with the math?

The lamb cooks for Four hours at 300 degrees in a covered Dutch oven. The beans, in a separate covered pot, are supposed to cook at 300 degrees for 45 minutes and then 350 for an additional 30-45 minutes. I would like to leave the oven at 300 the whole time as I'm more concerned that I don't ruin the meat.

How long should the beans cook at a steady 300 degrees?
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how long will lamb need to rest? could the beans get cranked up during that time? otherwise i'd say it's 1.5-2 hours.
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The lamb does not rest long. Just enough to reduce a sauce with the stuff from the pan. 20 minutes maybe?
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You'll be more than fine tenting the lamb with foil for the last 30-45 minutes out of the oven while the beans stay in the oven. Tho I wonder why she jacks up the temp at the end? Seems silly. Form a crust?

Also you could just start your beans with the lamb and start checking them at 90 minutes, and then pull them when done. Covered in a heavy dutch oven they'll be fine for an hour plus.

Its hard to be exact so don't worry about it.
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The directions are wrong. YES the leg of lamb rests!!

Just tent it and crank up the heat in the oven.

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N-thing rest the lamb. Some wisdom says you rest as long as you cooked meat. If you're making a heated sauce for the meat then rest it as long as is convenient and use the oven as desired at that time.....
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