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How do I get my text messages off my phone?

I have an Android LG Optimus V phone. My contacts on the phone are synced to my Gmail account. However, the text messages are are not synced, and exist only on the phone.

This question from 5 years ago (so likely out of date) is basically what I'm wondering -- what's the best way to backup my text messages to my computer?

In particular, if there was a way to back up the texts directly to my Gmail, so that the appropriate texts are associated with each contact, that would be great, but I don't know if that's possible.

At the very least, how do I back up the texts to my computer? In addition, if I get a new cell phone, would it be possible to connect the old texts with the new phone?
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I use SMS Backup +. It backs up my SMS/MMS messages directly to my gmail account in an "SMS" folder.
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Seconding SMS Backup +.
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Thirding it.
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If it's helpful, I asked a similar question here.

I was successful using a program called Logomanager. Several other ideas were mentioned as well.
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Either the abovementioned SMS Backup+ or SMS Backup & Restore will back up your texts. I only have experience with the latter, but it remembers the phone number, so if you get a new phone and grab your contact info from Google when you first sync, whatever texts you restore should be tied to the appropriate contacts already.

Note that neither of those back up MMS, though. The only way that possibly does that would be to root your phone, install Titanium Backup, and use its "Back up to .xml" function.
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I'd recommend SMS Backup + as well. I've used it on two phones now and it's flawless. Having everything in Gmail is great for searching, too.
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