What Do You Give New Parents?
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Parents of Metafilter: What the best gift you can give new parents? Everyone has suggestions for the baby but what about the parents? What are the things you wished you had/realized you couldn't live without when dealing with your first kid? How could someone have made your life easier despite being on the other side of the planet?

Young professional couple, interested in doing swanky cultural things and fine dining. Areligious and left-leaning if that matters. In the US, I am not. Sadly I can't just give them the name of a great babysitter which I imagine is the actual answer.
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Not sure if this is a parental must-have, but if mom is breastfeeding, I like to give her a few large, machine-washable patterned shawls to cover up with in lieu of baby blankets.
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Like you said, child care. Kids don't really need material things. Parents don't either. People would like to maintain social connections, which means letting them go out or coming to visit.
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What about a meal delivery service? If the baby is brand new, they probably just need food...no time or energy to cook.
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House cleaning. Preferably ongoing into perpetuity.
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Oh yeah, housecleaning would be awesome. Also a big gift basket of snacky foods is always nice.
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Gift cards to local places that do delivery or have carry-out. I ate so much cereal when I had my first child because I didn't have the time or energy to cook.
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Housecleaning. Housecleaning. Housecleaning.
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Booze. Anything that helps extend downtime. Housework and babysitting if you know them well.
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A gift certificate to a laundry service or dry-cleaner (preferably with pick-up and delivery). Our city has some online services that I'm sure would help a gift-giver from overseas. You can find the best ones on Yelp if they live in a bigger city.
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Food. Or a cleaning service. For serious.
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Food is lovely! Even if it's a big box of Fresh Direct grocery/pre made stuff.
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Meal delivery. House cleaning. Hell, sometimes it's nice to have people come over and not expect to be entertained so you can just get some to-dos completed.
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Meal delivery or some other kind of food thing. I wouldn't do housecleaning because they may already have a cleaner. Other ideas - DVDs of shows they haven't seen (preferably brainless); an at-home pedicure for the mom; a really soft warm blanket for cuddling with the baby on the couch (regular size, not baby blanket size); pajamas and robes; slippers.
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Some sort of food delivery.
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Argh, that looks smarmier than I meant! Sorry, I meant to point out that there are good ideas for parents in those.
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Seconding the food and cleaning, but some other things that got a ton of use when we had newborns:

- a subscription to Netflix instant

-12 rechargeable size D batteries and a charger (all the baby gear used D batteries, so there was a set in the swing, a set in the bouncy seat, and a set in the charger.)

a year of Amazon prime (the ability to buy stuff while the baby is sleeping, and have it delivered in two days, rather than packing up the baby and schlepping to Target: priceless.)
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Yeah - using Amazon for groceries was a major lifeline for us with child two, maybe some kind of gift card? That said its a but like just giving them money. Of course, you could just give them money...
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A set of Flight Deck rated Ear Muffs, great for when Colic hits.
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One thing that made my life a lot better post-delivery was LOVELY SOAP. In my case it was Lush soap, but really, anything that can make a shower the Best Shower will probably be welcomed - nice towels, soft fancy washcloths, a gift basket, some gift cards to their favorite stores. It's so hard to find even five minutes to indulge yourself when you have a newborn around - the shower was my haven. Still is really.

(Also maybe offer to hold the baby while they shower.)
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A membership to the zoo or museum nearby for easy outings with the babe.
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