What is a good source of Android games and app reviews?
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Getting a Nexus 7 tomorrow. I need good review sources for Android app reviews: both games and utilities.

My young son, thanks to my generously buying it for myself, is giving me a Nexus 7 tomorrow. I noticed that metacritic doesn't have an Android game section. I've also found a sea of sort-of review sites for games and apps, but haven't found anything that I'm certain is independent.

Any suggestions?
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The reviews in the Play Store are usually somewhat useful, at least in aggregate. When you say independent do you mean independent from Google?

You might also try the app reviews on Android Central or Android Police.
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You can keep yourself extremely busy with games just by only getting things that are free or very, very cheap... The Amazon free app of the day is a game about half of the time, plus the occasional holiday sales on the Play store, plus the Humble Bundle when it's Android (I have so many games that I've never even gotten around to trying because I have Too Many Games and my total spending on games is probably under 10$ over the past year...mostly on things that were specifically recommended by friends).

For more serious apps, I've also found the Play store reviews to be fairly comprehensive, although mostly I skim the reviews and then skip right to installing the ad-supported/free version of an app.

Edit: Realizing I've missed the point: You don't need a review site, just skim the customer reviews, ignore the obvious astroturf, and don't buy until you've tried it.
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Best answer: For games, there's DroidGamers and Pocket Tactics.

Although I would generally start out with the big sites and filter by category, eg:

Polygon (Mobile)
Wired Gadget Lab (Android)

Also, since it's the end of the year, many sites have their "Best of 2012" posts for Android:

Lifehacker Most Popular Android Downloads and Posts
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