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What are your favourite non-FPS games with local multiplayer for Xbox 360?

A couple months ago I went to a gaming night at a friend's house. We played a bunch of Mario Kart and Super Smash Brothers on the Wii, which was all right, and then at some point someone suggested we play a bit of Driift Mania.

Hilarity ensued. It ensued for such a long time, in fact, that we kept on playing until 6 am, and only because one of us got such a massive neck cramp that he had to be taken to a hospital. It was the best gaming fun I've had in AGES.

We've been talking of having another gaming night soon, this time at my place, and I'm looking for local multiplayer games that capture the same sort of mindless, silly fun, this time for Xbox 360.

Most FPS don't quite cut it, as some of us have never quite mastered the twin analog control scheme. Side-scrollers are fine but, before you suggest Castle Crashers, I already got that one and found it... a bit boring, actually. Though apparently I am the only one. What gives?

I'm already getting Trials Evolution (which by the way is on sale today), on account of what looks like pretty solid local multiplayer.

Any games I have overlooked, Hive Mind? Tell me about your 2012 favourites! XBLA, retail, top-down, racing, shooting, retro, modern, anything goes!
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You Don't Know Jack. Hilarious quiz show awesomeness.
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Castle Crashers is kind of boring single player, it is tons better with more people and chaos though.


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Awesome racing game Burnout Revenge has splitscreen, It came out a while ago so you could probably find it pretty cheap.
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Castle Crashers local co-op is awesome. 'Splosion Man is great too. Rayman Origins is good fun in co-op. For more, I recommend checking out Co-Optimus' list here.
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If you have Kinect get Kinect Party (free right now) and Fruit Ninja.
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Hidden In Plain Sight. Xbox Live Indie game. Best 80MSP you will ever spend.
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If you're into music, something like Rock Band or Guitar Hero?
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Racing game "Split/Second" is really, awesomely fun in an arcadey way. It's not realistic at all, but you get to change the race course by making things explode while you drive.

Age of Booty is great for multiplayer too. It's a pirate game with a bit of strategy mixed with action, and you can set up each game to play a bit different ("This time we'll be on one team against three computer teams!") It's a downloadable title.
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Rock Band is a great suggestion. So much fun.

My Rock Band crew and I have also enjoyed Joy Ride Turbo, which is a Mario-kart type racing game.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone! I'm off to spend a bunch of points on your suggestions!
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