Does swallowing semen break your fast, medically speaking?
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A question about oral sex and taking medication.

I'm asking this question from pure curiosity, really!

I am on a medication that is supposed to be taken on an empty stomach, half an hour before breakfast. Usually I take it with a cup of tea but when I mentioned this to my doctor she said this wasn't right. A sip of black tea is OK, but as soon as you add some milk or sugar it no longer counts as fasting.

This got me wondering: if somebody gave a blowjob and swallowed before taking their pill, would it count as taking it on an empty stomach? I'm guessing no, but I'm curious whether this has been addressed anywhere.
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Maybe it would help the pill go down. Definitely ask your doctor to be sure.
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If the amount of milk one adds to tea can break a person's fast, seems to me that 5-10 mLs of cum would enough nutritive value (i can't believe i'm typing this) to have a similar effect.
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YWell, there's a lot of sugar in ejaculate, and a teaspoon is about 5-7 calories, and a teaspoon of 2% milk has about 3 calories, so I think it would break a fast.
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"Empty stomach" is sort of a vague term. Your stomach is never really entirely empty. There's always something in there, whether it be food that is being digested or bile, or whatever.

I can't believe that the small amount of semen that is produced from an orgasm would constitute such an affront to your digestive system that your medicine would not be absorbed.
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Most pills are made on a sugar or gelatin base, and thus contain calories to be digested all on their own... I can't imagine that just a few milliliters of either milk OR semen could make much more difference. I mean, if you're drinking a whole glass, that's different.

(A whole glass of milk!)
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It depends on the pill. Some pills can't be taken with other pills, some pills can't be taken with calcium or aluminum, for example.
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The Straight Dope discussed the caloric content of semen many years ago. If I recall correctly, it's roughly as caloric as egg whites. Whether or not that breaks your fast depends on how uptight your doctor is, not if you spit or swallow.
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