My mouth flows like a waterfall
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YANMD, but this has been driving me crazy. My saliva tastes like metal and it is torturing me. details inside

So I went to the doctor and he prescribed a quadruple antibiotic therapy consisting of a proton pump inhibitor and 3 antibiotics. Ever since I started taking them (been a few days) I've been noticing that I have been salivating A LOT as if I was hungry, but the thing is I am not hungry. It also has the sick metal taste to it. Of the medications I take, the only side effect I have is the metallic taste in my mouth. Not sure if the taste is what makes me think I am oversalivating.
I need ways to either control this salivation or ways to get the taste out of my mouth. I'm visiting my doctor in a week, which is when the treatment is over, but I would like this torture to end.
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(IAMAPh/IANYPh) You are taking either metronidazole or clarithromycin, both of which are common in treating H. pylori infection, and both of which can produce this side effect. Best recommendations I have heard are lots of fluids, gum, or hard candy. I think it may be the taste that makes you think you're salivating so much. Hope you're able to stick it out!
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Yeah, antibiotics can definitely give you a metallic taste in your mouth and make you salivate more. Gum and cough drops can help mask it.
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I'm taking both of those with amoxicillin, which kinda sucks due to the amount of pills I have to take daily. Thanks for the reassurance guys!
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A few years ago I was prescribed amoxicillin, and after just one or two days the taste was so bad my doctor had to switch me to something else. Blech. Hang in there.
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Try ginger altoids to mask the taste.
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When I took an antibiotic that had this side effect, I found that graham crackers were the only thing that didn't taste weird.
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Ginger chews helped me with both the mouth metal and the nausea. They are definitely side effects of the antibiotics. Ginger Altoids would probably work well, too!
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If you want to google on this, the medical term you want is probably "dysgeusia".
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It's also a side effect of some kinds of chemo and of oral radiotherapy (though with a dry mouth instead) so you could try searching for pages about dealing with the side effects of those treatments.
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When I was on an IV dose of antibiotics, a nurse suggested dry-roasted peanuts for the metallic taste. It worked!
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Just went through the same thing. Once I stopped the antibiotics it took about five days for the horrible taste to disappear.
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Nurse here, with patients who have this complaint based on the therapy I supervise.

One common suggestion to reduce metallic taste is to avoid using metal cutlery - use plastic, temporarily. It sounds very simple, but patients say it helps a lot. It seems to derail a metallic trigger.
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Gum. Gum so much. Metronidazole is so miserable. I hope you don't have to take it for too terribly long. I know that when I have diverticulitis, they can substitute something else - not sure if they can do the same for you.
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