Why are the apps locked and nothing else is?
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We gave my husband's old iphone (3GS) to our son, filled with apps. Only now, I can't update, change, or do anything to the apps in itunes. This is probably easy. Help?

Device is running 5.1.1 Says I have 875 mb of space remaining.

I just want to delete some apps that he has outgrown and install some new ones, but when I go into iTunes, I can fiddle around with everything (music, books, photos) EXCEPT the apps. The apps interface is all greyed out. I'm sure this is simple, right? What have I not checked or unchecked to give me access to his apps?
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PS: I turned restrictions off before I tried to do anything, so it's not that I'm not allowed to change the apps, because that's the first thing I checked.
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If it's on wifi, you should be able to add new apps through the App Store and just delete the ones you don't want off the phone. I gave an old 3Gs to my grandson and that's what we did.
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Are you sure you're logged in to the Apple Store with the same login that you use on the phone? If you and your husband have separate logins, this could be the culprit.
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Are you using the same computer as before? Go to the apps tab in iTunes, after selecting the iPhone, and make sure "Sync Apps" is checked.
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One way to get an answer would be to take to the phone to a Genius Bar in one of Apple's retail stores, if any are convenient to you.

Otherwise, I would check to make sure that you're logged into the iTunes account that is assigned to that iPhone.
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Yep, that's it. Thanks everyone!
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